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XAXO Adventures To New Depths With Latest Single ‘Safe Unknown’


XAXO Adventures To New Depths With Latest Single ‘Safe Unknown’

This new duo from Miami recently released a solid song entitled “Safe Unknown”. It’s clear to see that XAXO has what it takes to make compelling and strong music. A simple look into the duo would show that Dav and Johnny Julca have a rich history with music, and it shows.  “Safe Unknown” has a brilliant depth to it. This is due to the acoustic and electronic instruments blending together in perfect harmony.  This song feels as huge as it sounds, to the point where it’s almost cinematic.

Before I say anything else it has to be noted that the piano’s melody isn’t original. Originally, it is from “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto. This, however, shouldn’t count against “Safe Unknown” as both tracks in themselves are original, and portray vastly different feelings.

Again, this track is fantastic that invokes the feelings of boldness and strength within the listener. One could even extend that to include a feeling of adventurousness. This is interesting as the lyrics would suggest a feeling of sadness. Every element just supplements one another in a gorgeous fashion. The vocals are beautifully sung, and really add to the organic and rich quality of the track.

The music video for the song isn’t cohesive to its lyrics, it could practically be an unrelated project. That being said, it does fit the wild and bold feel of the track. It follows a woman in a bunny costume, played by Nath Campos, on her misadventures around the city. It’s actually an amusing and enjoyable video!

Check out the music video below, and download the song here.


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