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Fall In Love With Teenear Under The ‘Streetlights’

Fall In Love With Teenear Under The 'Streetlights'


Fall In Love With Teenear Under The ‘Streetlights’

The music video for Miami’s up-and-coming artist Teenear’s ‘Streetlights’ is fantastic with a hint of sensuality. It’s evident from this music video that young beauty is a good performer, having both singing and dancing chops.

In itself, the song is a wonderfully modern R&B track. Almost innocent in nature, it has an essence of a simple and youthful love. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make life worthwhile, and that’s a main message of the song. This is apparent with lyrics such as “We can hear the music from the car parked aside us, so just take my hand before you tell me ‘goodnight’. We should dance under the streetlight.” It’s a powerfully intimate song as well; with many lyrics focused on holding hands, dancing together, and spending time with each other.

‘Streetlights’ is definitely a playful love song that anyone can get into; having a great feel-good energy.  It’s not over the top, and younger audiences can enjoy it as well since the focus is on intimacy and not sexuality. Be sure to watch the music video to this solid track below. You just might make the street your dancefloor after watching it.

Watch Teemear’s ‘Streelights’ music video below via YouTube.


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