Caroline Lazar Captures Hearts With Latest Single ‘Never Mine’

There’s a beautiful directness about a song when done acoustically. Many times such songs come across as personal, and Caroline Lazar‘s ‘Never Mine’ is a song that does just that. With a guitar and an alluring voice, the song simply and truly embraces its essence of intimacy. Caroline sings softly at times, and other times she sings loudly, creating a song somewhat like an emotional rollercoaster.

We have the pleasure of watching Caroline perform ‘Never Mine’ live in the video, and it’s marvelous. She rocks to the guitar, uses her body to help project her voice, and closes her eyes as if she’s really in her song. Seeing her passionately get into her music certainly helps watchers get into it as well. Such a performance makes the song more believable and personal, even if it’s just written to portray an impersonal narrative.

Whether or not the song tells a true story doesn’t take away from it since it’s relatable. A song filled with emotion, expressing feelings of distrust and hope. Caroline flawlessly performs this song and if she doesn’t capture the heart of her lover, then she certainly captured ours.

Watch Caroline Lazar‘s performance of ‘Never Mine’ below via YouTube.

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