Watch Calliope Musicals’ Vibrant New Music Video For ‘Echo Of The Whoos’

By the way of Austin, Texas, Calliope Musicals is widely known as a band of charismatic, vibrant musicians who capture the eclectic vibe that permeates through the Live Music mecca they call home. By blending elements of rock, disco, and folk the group finds joy in experimenting with various musical styles.

The whimsical sextet Calliope Musicals release a new video for their smash hit, ‘Echo of the Whoos’.

Watch Calliope Musicals' Vibrant New Music Video For 'Echo Of The Whoos'

The colorful music video for ‘Echo of the Whoos’ features the group on a journey towards self-discovery. Beginning with the introduction of two men disguised in a funky pair of animal onesies. When they are meant with an interesting idea, the two embark on a mission to build the perfect musical supergroup. Kidnapping each group member from their own monotonous routines, in hopes of discovering each ones innate potential.

Watch Calliope Musicals' Vibrant New Music Video For 'Echo Of The Whoos'

While holding the group captive, the pair issue roles to their new arrivals. Brilliantly matching each member with an array of instruments, leading them to discover their own true destiny. Soon after a quick rehearsal and some new threads, the group then finds themselves in the presence of an enthusiastic crowd, delighted by the effervescent nature of the performance. As the band becomes familiar with where they were always meant to be.

Calliope Musicals’ latest album featuring ‘Echos Of The Whoos‘ is available now on iTunes.

Watch Calliope Musicals’ ‘Echos Of The Whoos’ above.

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