Rihanna Shares Crazy Video For ‘Goodnight Gotham’

Rihanna shoots a video clip with fans at the trocadero, in Paris, France - 18/12/2014/CAUANTOINE_065808/Credit:ANTOINE CAU/SIPA/1412190705 (Sipa via AP Images)

The video for Rihanna’s ‘Goodbye Gotham,’ a bonus track from her album Anti, might be short (it clocks in at just over a minute), but it’s definitely epic. In the video, Rihanna runs fearlessly into a crowd of her biggest fans, colliding with them in a moment of pure joy for everyone involved.

The video was filmed with a mob of Rihanna’s real fans in Paris’ Trocadero Square back in December 2014, according to Billboard. It’s hard to believe anyone could have more fun than the lucky fans invited to participate, but the look on Rihanna’s face when the crowd lifts her up makes us wonder if maybe she was actually having more fun than anyone else.

Watch Rihanna’s ‘Goodbye Gotham’ video above.

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