Nick Jonas Is A Disco King In ‘Champagne Problems’ Video: Watch

Nick Jonas copes with breakups just like a lot of 24-year-olds with a broken heart: with a bottle of liquor. In a trippy video released Monday (Nov. 7) for his single “Champagne Problems,” Jonas brings his disco track to the dance floor as he croons about a failed attempt at a breakup.

“How many times have we been here before? How many pieces have to break?” Jonas laments on the bouncy breakup track as he walks through a crowded venue. “So many reasons not to celebrate, but I hate to see you cry, so let’s drink before goodbye.” Jonas glides through the club dancing with his ex as they both drink their woes away.

“‘Champagne Problems’ is a song about sharing a bottle of champagne with my now ex as we were breaking up to kind of close that chapter,” the singer revealed during a Reddit AMA. “It was sad and slightly sweet at the same time. It was a range of emotions and feelings, and I think this song, although it sounds like a party song, actually has some of the deepest lyrics on the record.”

Users can watch the “Champagne Problems” video below.


Source: Billboard

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