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Interview: Get To Know Gromo And The Meaning Behind New Single ‘Give Me’


Interview: Get To Know Gromo And The Meaning Behind New Single ‘Give Me’

Imagine playing in front of thousands of people across the world, then coming back and going to high school. This is what life is like for talented young producer GROMO. Having played Ultra Miami, Europe, Japan, and Bali at the age of only 16, this young producer has already earned a reputation for himself that you don’t know normally see out of a high school student. Gromo’s production is equally inspiring, grabbing influences from urban/hip-hop roots this young producer strives to bring uniqueness in his upcoming single ‘Give Me.’

‘Give Me’ is a chill rendition of classics blended with modern day bass. It’s tough to put an exact label on the track, as it combines elements from Rnb, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Bass, and more to mold into one uplifting record. Gromo focuses on his skills and techniques in this masterpiece in which you can hear his influences and recognize the truly unique arrangement he brought. The rhythm is that of hip-hop but incorporates massive horns, hard 808’s and groovy beats to bring the listener a unique listening experience. His uniqueness offers the listener a fresh approach to bass music and you can tell what sets his production a part from the rest. To get a listen to the full track be sure to check out the release on his Soundcloud below.

Did you do previous aliases before Gromo?

I did! An absolute absurd alias: 13Th Level. There was no actual meaning or significance to the name; I just was into the number 13. Haha!

How do you get into your creative / deep focus zone?

I generally get into the zone by listening to other artists in a quiet and comfortable environment. I write music from the perspective of a fan, and challenge myself to experiment with different styles while keeping my signature sound.

What artists are you really enjoying in 2017?

So far I’ve been into an XO (The Weeknd’s Label) artist named NAV. I feel like he has a super special sound because he comes up with amazing hooks and at the same time his lyrics connect. Other artists like 24hrs, Majid Jordan, Ramriddlz, Ro Ransom, Murda, and A Boogie With Da Hoodie.

What is your favorite festival?

My favorite festivals are Governor’s Ball, Panorama, The Meadows and of course Ultra Music Festival where I have performed.

What is the message behind ‘Give Me’s sound and album art direction?

The main message behind “Give Me” was to make a song that’s more electronic based but has the edge of Hip-Hop, the soul of R&B, and the groove of Dancehall. Jasper Johns, one of my favorite artists, inspired the album art. His distinctive style influenced many young artists. He often collaborated with Andy Warhol.

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