New Dillon Francis Music Video “Not Butter” Wins Internet

Too often things have claimed to break the internet, or win at everything, or whatever ridiculous sensationalized term that can be used to get people to read an article.

Well, this is another one of those things.

Dillon Francis, the clown prince of Moombahton, has released a video for “Not Butter” that in addition to being amazing also satirizes the current state of EDM. “Not Butter” is a track off of Money Sucks, Friends Rule, which you should check out for no other reason than the fact that Dillon Francis put Twista and Brandon Urie from Panic! at The Disco on the same album.

Oh yeah, maybe don’t watch this at work. (NSFW)

So, that happened. Anyone familiar with the social media antics or prior videos of Dillon Francis probably wouldn’t be too shocked my this, but it doesn’t make the video any less enjoyable and is a nice complement to one of the only tracks off of Money Sucks, Friends Rule that didn’t feature another artist.

What’s actually going on in the video?

There’s a lot here to digest if you actually wanted to get into it. You could talk about how the video is showing the progression of  electronic dance music over the years.

But that’s boring.

You could talk about the implications that the over-exaggerated sex and romanticized drug use is actually a marketing ploy designed to trick people into believing that they are having more fun than the actually are.

But that’s lazy.

Honestly, there’s so much that you could talk about in this video. There’s so much to love about this music video. However, the best thing that you could say about this video is that it’s creator probably doesn’t care what you think about this video.

Check out Dillon Francis on Soundcloud, and Snapchat.

Or in real life, he’s pretty awesome.

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