Last Dinosaurs Take Us Through A “Wurl” In New Music Video

Introducing Last Dinosaurs, one of the coolest bands that you probably aren’t listening to. The band consists of members (Lachlan Caskey, Sean Caskey, Dan Koyama, and Michael Sloane) who hail all the way from down under (Brisbane, Australia.) The band is currently promoting their latest album titled Wellnesswhich was released August 28th, 2015.


Their latest single, Wurl”  accompanied with a music video, pays tribute to the name of the album by looking like a sex-ed video from the 1970’s. Looped with random images, layered alongside the band playing, you won’t be able to help but think that you’re watching a video filled with subliminal messages.

“The concept for the ‘Wurl’ video really came about after a discussion with Sean and Michael. The idea of recreating old social and science experiments was the early foundation of the idea. From there, we pushed the concept a bit and added in small setups of our own, always centered on the idea of spinning. The idea of ‘stimulation overload’, whereby a lot of information is given in a short space of time, furthered the idea of an experiment-taking place.”

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