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The Collection Guest Mix Series: Featuring Artist Blvk Sheep

Anthony Tedder



The Collection Guest Mix Series

We are back at it again with ‘The Collection’ featuring another amazing artist on the come up. For this installment we called on Richie Buckley, AKA Blvk Sheep. Rich is a young bass music producer from the great state of New York, who is making some waves in the dance music world. Coming off of a Snowglobe Music Festival performance that he won in a remix contest, our boy Blvk Sheep is primed and ready for a break out year.



Tune Collective: Hey Richie, glad we could get together for this interview and guest mix. What’s the story behind Blvk Sheep? Give us the overview of your journey so far.

Blvk Sheep: Thank you I’m glad I could do a mix & answer some questions for y’all! To me Blvk Sheep is about standing out as an artist, and embracing something different with my fans. We are all just these weird kids who are different because we love this crazy music, and I want this project to be about including everyone and sharing that love together!

TC: Congratulations on winning the Aftershock remix contest. We definitely had that tune in rotation for a while. Describe your experience playing snow globe, and how that contest has helped launch your career to the next level.

BS: Thank you! Snowglobe was amazing, Maliboux & I spent every moment we could meeting as many people as we could at Snowglobe! We both got to stand on stage next to Nghtmre as he played our Aftershock remix and the next night I got to watch Alison Wonderland play my remix of Already Gone. Ever since then I have been extremely inspired to keep networking & pushing my content as hard as I can & just keep pushing myself hard in the studio!

TC: Your catalogue is pretty eclectic when it comes to bass music. Can we expect more of the same this year, or do you feel yourself going in a certain direction?

BS: Yes & no! I’ve been pushing to do some different stuff while in the studio! I have a few feelsy future bass tunes with some vocals, I have a heavy dubstep tune, more trap in the bag & I have been doing some breakbeat stuff as well! So I’m going to be switching it up a bit but I want to show people I’m diverse in the studio & I don’t want to confine myself to just one style of music!


TC: Do you have any big collabs, shows, or forthcoming releases you want to share with the fans?

BS: Yes I have another tune with AMF which is super heavy, Kompany & I have a breakbeat tune & graves & I have a super bouncey future bass tune! I also just announced a few shows & will have more show dates coming very soon!

TC: Who would you like to collab with? Who would you like to go on tour with? Anything goes here, have fun with it.

BS: I would love to collab with Nghtmre & Alison Wonderland! They both have been supporting my remixes of their songs throughout their tours! Also I would love to work Flosstradamous & RL Grime! Both of them have been & always will be a big influence to me!

I would love to tour with Ookay, RL Grime & Dj Snake. All three of them always have crazy crowds and put on amazing shows. I feel like it would push me to become a better DJ & put on an even better live show!

TC: So what’s next for Blvk Sheep? What are your plans for this project short term, and long term?

BS: Short term goals are do my first tour, release with a good label (dim mak or mad decent), make great music, start some sort of stream where I can teach production, networking & marketing to upcomers & be happy.

Long term goals are buy my parents a house, build a studio, tour with some of my inspirations & show people that as long as you stay focused & work hard that ANYTHING is possible!



Free Download:

​Medasin X X&G X Josh Pan – The Zoo
Maliboux & Legacy – Rule Dem
TIWAD (Odea & Fvckdivmonds Remix)
Deep Down Low (Wuki Remix)
Getter & Ghastly – 666
For The Birds (Ray Volpe Remix)
Ricky Remedy – Hit Em
Uppers (Quix Remix)
Already Gone (Blvk Sheep Remix)
AMF – Champagne Anthem
Baauer – GoGo
Rustie – Big Catzzz
RL Grime – Core
Where you been Gettin That (Blvk Sheep Edit)
GTA Ft Rich The Kid – Mamacita
Flosstradamous & Nghtmre – Lighters Up
4B & Aazar – Pop Dat
B-sides & Party Thieves – L.D.B.
Nghtmre – Street (OG VS VIP)
Flosstradamous & GTA – Prison Riot
Look at my dab (Diplo & Bad Royale Remix)
Kompany – Shake The Room
Club Action vs Bottle Swervice
Truth in the Dms (Benzi Edit)
Max Styler & Kyle Hughes – Roll with me
Nghtmre – Burn Out


Kiso & Kayla Diamond Team Up On ‘Blankets’

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Kiso and Kayla Dimoand are a force to be reckoned with, after landing multiple hits last year on some sweet dance covers, the two have experienced stand-out success thereafter. Both Kiso and Kayla Diamond’s streaming channels and socials show many millions of plays across their releases, unique moments of success through the year, and more. Last Friday, the duo dropped their own original work ‘Blanket,’ which fans most likely will find familiar – the song falling in the same spectrum of sounds as what we have previously heard from them. Kiso and Kayla Diamond are both experienced artists,’Blanket’ combines best of attributes of both into one song.

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Get Mesmerized With Crystal Knives And Antics On ‘Close’ (ft. Elluna)

Tune Collective Staff



Those of you who know us here at Tune Collective, probably know that we love this dude Crystal Knives. Consistently making beats and dropping heat. Today is no exception as we are jamming his and Antics debut single “Close” from Crystal Knives upcoming EP.

This track is a mesmerizing experience from start to finish. Elluna comes in from the beginning softly singing to your soul as she builds in strength along with the music which grows with percussion, to the arp, and the saw bass that swiftly sweeps us straight into the synth heavy drop. Automatically I catch myself swaying in my seat in the coffee shop and immediately forget about anyone who is most definitely judging and staring at me, but when the music is so good, how can you blame me?

So give yourself a couple of minutes to sit back, relax, and get lost in this new tune.

Follow Crystal Knives: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


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Patrick Reza Pairs Up With Maya Payne For “Something We Once Knew”

Tune Collective Staff



After Patrick Reza and Maya Payne amassed over 2 million plays on Spotify for their last track “If Only”, they decided to celebrate together and give us yet another great tune, ‘Something We Once Knew”.
This track comes as a groovy melodic disco house remix of Anna’s original track, which features bold synths with gritty bass lines, that highlight Maya’s voice to the fullest. The track feels like a perfect combination of Prince Fox and Deorro, and is now going to be the next addition to my snowboarding playlist.
Check out the tune below and enjoy!

Follow Patrick Reza: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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