A+A Releases New Music Video For ‘Changes’


A+A gets an A+ in their new music video “Changes”. The powerhouse duo consists of Andrew Diaz and Anwar Sawyer who are based out of New York City. The video appears to be a home video of the two around and about with their group of friends, enjoying each other’s company and vibing off of each other. What I think is most endearing about this video is the fact that it’s so relatable. We all know what it’s like to spend endless hours with friends being goofy or just to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

The song has summer time vibes reminiscent to A Tribe Called Quest. With soft and relaxing melodies complimented with rich vocals, the group describes their song saying this: “The song is about faith, and just speaking into existence that even though you aren’t where you wanna be in life, things will get better. It’s a prayer. The video goes hand in hand because it portrays a group of friends just living and going through a day together soaking in the world. A day in the life of people just going through it.”  With a message of hope weaved into a beautiful song, A+A does their thing with incorporating a song with a strong message whilst having you sing along with how catchy the song is.

Check out the video below.

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