‘Take It Easy’ With Moon Of Mars Stellar Indie-Rock Single

Do you ever have those days when you have chores to do or have those days when you just want to relax? Well, ‘Take It Easy’ is the perfect song to listen to on days such as those. Brothers Giovan & Mario Polanco head this group, and they both have great voices! The band’s overall sound is indie pop with a strong indie rock influenced vibe.

‘Take It Easy’ is just as mellow and pleasant as the name suggests. None of the sounds within the song have an overbearing presence, and all of them are really smooth. The whole is lusciously decorated with the perfect amount of echoes and reverb, creating a plush and warm atmosphere. The drums, bass, and guitars mesh really well together, practically melting into each other. Giovan & Mario’s vocals really provide color to the song.

The lyrics are rather interesting. With an air of frustration, they express personal feelings about the love interest’s friends to the love interest. Saying things such as “They never want to call me your boyfriend” and “…they talk about the things that I want to forget”. The main line of the hook is; “I know your friends are cool but why don’t they ever want to take it easy.” There’s a unique contrast to how one would think these lyrics would be sung, and how they’re actually presented.

Listen to Moon Of Mars ‘Take It Easy’ below via Soundcloud.

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