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The Gifted Kick Off Summer With Fresh Indie Single ‘You Should’ve Known By Now’

James Bairian and Louis Castle make up the electronic duo called The Gifted. What’s interesting about this group is that they make electronic pop songs, often covering and blending a variety of sub-genres. This is no exception with their latest track ‘You Should’ve Known By Now’; a song with a strong indie rock vibes. In fact, if this was the first song you listened to by The Gifted, then you would assume they were a rock band

There’s not much to the song lyrically as the lyrics are quite repetitive. That being said, there’s enough variety to maintain the listener’s interest, and sometimes less can be more. A message of triumph and greatness seems to be conveyed simply based on the combination of the lyrics and the boldness of the instrumental. It’s as though the singer is saying, “You should’ve already known me as a person, and seen how great I am”. In a way, the message is open-ended, as the person who the singer is talking might have a chance to appreciate the singer. Whatever the case, this is definitely a song bursting with confidence.

Anthemic in nature, ‘You Should’ve Known By Now’ is fun and bright. The layered vocals sound almost like crowd chanting/cheering, this helps to fill up the track and give it more of an upbeat nature. It’s really invigorating, to say the least. Anyone looking for a song for the perfect summer playlist will definitely find a spot for this great track.

Listen to The Gifted’s ‘You Should’ve Known By Now’ below via Soundcloud.

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