Bell Mare’s ‘How Much Longer’ Is Lusciously Bliss

With absolute chill vibes, electronic duo Bell Mare takes us on an adventure with ‘How Much Longer’. We are provided with a marvelously lush soundscape that has an upbeat yet relaxing atmosphere. Amelia Bushell sings the main vocals luxuriously, putting the listener at ease and peace. Thomas Servidone gives us the backing vocals adding a beautiful depth and giving the song weight.

This track is near-psychedelic, not trippy but more like a constant rush and flow of water. The sounds are so soft and wet with reverb that the listener can just dissolve into. The mixture of guitars, drums, synths adorns the song with a lively energy. It’s without a doubt the perfect blend of alternative rock and dream pop. The lyrics portray a sense of longing. Going hand-in-hand in with the instrumental, the lyrics are also encouraging in a beautifully soft manner.

Listen to Bell Mare’s ‘How Much Longer’ below via Soundcloud. Available now on Bandcamp.

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