SAKIMA Make’s Beautiful Electronic Love Ballad With “All Your Secrets”

SAKIMA may not be a household name, but has worked with dance music rising stars including Jakwob, Cyril Hahn, Ryan Hemsworth, OBESØN, MRGD and Moving Castle’s founding member AOBeats. This week, he’s making moves again, releasing “All Your Secrets”.

This single, released on the forward-thinking independent Record label Manifesto, is like a love song for modern times. It’s meaning is split down the middle from the powerful instrumental as well as strong, moving vocals. The drop doesn’t stray far away from the original theme conveyed up to that point.

SAKIMA shared a bit about his feelings behind the track:

“All Your Secrets is a song with many faces, but at its core, it’s a song that grapples with the idea of ‘the self’, who you are and who you could become and whether or not that future you is a good person. The song essentially is a letter to myself blackmailing this potential future ‘me’ to not forget who I really am. I think we all have moments in our life where we come close to becoming a villain and this song explores those moments, but dressed as a kind of fucked up love song.”

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