Moon Bounce Makes Heroic Debut With Soulful Pop Record, ‘0% Angel’

Moon Bounce is an electronic music producer from Philly with a unique, genre bending style. His latest single ‘O% Angel’ is an immaculate marriage or radio R&B and indie pop. The track has such an infectious beat with one of the catchiest vocals I’ve heard in a while. Moon Bounce has made a lot of pop records in the past, but this is definitely his best in my opinion.


When asked about the tune MB said, ‘0% Angel is Moon Bounce at its most restrained. I went into this tune knowing it was going to be very pop, very minimal and very different from my output thus far. I was almost exclusively listening to Rihanna and The Knife at the time, if that helps give any insight.’ With this in mind, I think he nailed it. I’m looking forward to watching this dude grow. He’s definitely one to keep and eye on.

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