Bella Goldwin’s ‘Can’t Forget’ Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist Bella Goldwin seems to be on a creative flux, and she can’t stop. She recently released a frightfully great track entitled ‘Can’t Forget’. Bella took a step away from her more recent Pop and EDM-esque productions with this one. As such, she went to an enticingly dark style which is one she’s no stranger to.

One of the more noticeable details of this song is that it consists of two parts. This is unique because this is something not often done in songs today. The two parts provide two distinct but cohesive vibes as a result. The first part is dark and focuses on Bella’s powerful and emotional vocals. Adversely, the second part is somewhat lighter and has a hint of playfulness.

Stylistically, the song is gorgeously cinematic and contains a chilling dark tone. Furthermore, the song is cold and spacious, and this further embellishes Bella’s mindful production IQ.  Although it’s more relaxed and “folk” in nature, it’s a song that’s reminiscent of Lorde‘s ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World‘.  ‘Can’t Forget’ is sort of a sad but hopeful song. This is partly due to the lyrics, which express a longing for a lover with a deep and positive impact on the singer. In addition, the choice of violin, cello, and vocals do their part to convey the feelings of the song.

A wonderful aspect of the song is that it seems to provide some closure through the second part. This is because the piano expresses a quaint and happy melody. It’s a beautiful part that’s open to interpretation. It’s hard not to look forward to Bella’s upcoming music with songs such as this.

Check out and sing along to the lyric video for ‘Can’t Forget’ below.

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