Eko Zu Adds New Chapter Of Story With “Eternal Eyes”

Eko Zu is a new group with several appealing aspects about them. The most appealing being the art they showcase through their music, as well as their sound itself, which seems to be a hybrid of disco, house, and indie, with a thread of pop the ties them all together. Overall, the sound is refreshing and lyrical accompaniment is a bit of a surprise, when compared to other songs with the same niche.

Eko Zu’s art game, simply put, is badass, from the gifs, to music videos, to album art, they all encompass a trio of characters with rich textures and animalistic themes. The trio play live with instruments paralleled with an DJ set, also.

Their latest song is “Eternal Eyes” which highlights the hybrid style mentioned above as well as live guitar work layered atop found within.

Eko Zu is offering something different from a 360 point of view.

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