2NE1 Releases One Last Song As A Final Farewell

Following the departure of Minzy Gong back in May, Blackjacks all around the world were stunned when YG announced the disbandment of 2NE1 back in mid-November of last year. Fans were outraged due to the fact that they were promised a comeback from the girls as soon as CL finished her American debut in the United States. This was disheartening, to say the least, and completely unexpected by everyone.  So surprising in fact, that fans had no problem expressing their disapproval by writing rants all over social media, and threatening to boycott YG family if they also disbanded fellow alum group BIG BANG. Well Blackjacks, It seems as though your prayers have been answered. 2NE1 will be releasing one last song as a final farewell to all of  their fans. The song is entitled, “GOOD BYE” which was penned by CL as her form of release to express her sorrow that the chapter of her life with 2NE1 would be closing. YG found the song appropriate as a final sendoff and asked the other girls (Dara and Bom) to record as well.  Minzy will not   be participating in this song unfortunately. However, on the bright side, the song and music video have already been recorded and finished. ‘GOOD BYE’ is set to be released on January 21st.  Keep a look out for the song and let’s support these girls in the future with whatever projects they will be pursuing moving forward.

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