Australian MC Turquoise Prince Impresses With ‘Worlds Apart’

In my time on Soundcloud I have noticed one thing, finding good vocalists is a pretty hard task. It seems to be even more difficult to find a decent male vocalist. Then I came across Turquoise Prince. Turquoise Prince is an especially rare find, setting himself apart from other artists of his size with his songwriting, something many Soundcloud artists lack. You may recognize his voice from either of his features with fellow Australian, Enschway, on the second volume of the Friendschway EP.

Worlds Apart marks the latest original from the Canberra-based singer. It features an entrancing vocal sample, a heavy kick, and percussive fills reminiscent of Flume; all courtesy of The Hush. But where the song really shines is in Turquoise Prince’s ability to switch from rapping to singing almost effortlessly.

Let Worlds Apart serve as your introduction to the Prince and be sure to check out the rest of his discography by playing through his Soundcloud.

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