US Debuts, Hardcore Masters, And Everything In Between At Insomniac’s Basscon

Insomniac’s Basscon was en route to strike back with a vengeance for its final edition of the year. Featuring the best in Rawstyle and Hardcore, the lineup was stacked with headlining acts including Angerfist, Radical Redemption, and the US debut of Minus Militia which consists of Crypsis, Chain Reaction, and Radical Redemption himself.

A downpour like there was no tomorrow soared in the skies for hours building up to the event but it didn’t stop the energy from arising. With a sold out edition to close out the year, the line circled the corner and extended far beyond line of sight. Still – all of the Hardstyle warriors took one for the team and pre-gamed with the tension fused rain awaiting the BPM madness.

There’s something uniquely refreshing about the modern day Hardstyle community present in LA today. It’s a tight-knit group of friends and family that’s exclusively in the know without any kind of pretension and open arms for everyone. That vibe specifically was in abundance from the moment you set foot into the Belasco as Radical Redemption sent screechy bass lines soaring into the crowd.

Finishing off on a raw note that left everyone’s ears ringing, there was a brief pause allowing the energy to build up as Minus Militia threw their tactical jackets on and prepped to take the Belasco on another Rawstyle rollercoaster. As soon as they appeared on stage the crowd sent out a roar of excitement that echoed and kicked off their set on a high note. The lasers created an electric sky encompassing you and your full peripheral replicating the underground pretense we all know as a rave. The twisted melodies composed of raw screeches combined into a musical concoction unlike any other with the typical DJ countdown. It’s clear that these guys are seasoned experts and just flat out good at what they do.

Their set came to an end and it was time for everyone to go just a little bit faster. Hardcore to be exact. It was Angerfist’s time to shine and without any hesitation, straight to the Hardcore he went. It was a beautiful sight seeing everyone inside of the Belasco reacting to every single BPM fluctuation, the stylistic switches, and everything in between. Angerfist has been in the game for 15+ years so its safe to safe he’s a Hardcore legend, and Master of Hardcore, if ya know what I mean.

All in all Insomniac is stepping up their Hardstyle/Hardcore game in an eloquent manner and it’s about time the masses start catching on. Taking over the West-Coast before the dominate the states, they’ve got a few more editions of Basscon lined up for all the Hardstyle heads out here. First off is a very special one featuring “15 Years Of TNT” with (obviously) Technoboy N Tuneboy with support from Audiofreq and Mekanikal hitting the Belasco this January 21st. The following month we’ve got the Atmozfears tour making a stop with Code Black and support from the one and only Tuneboy dropping a full classic Hardstyle set.

Get ready America. Basscon is coming for you.

Photos by: OhDagyo

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