Missy Elliott Songs Remixed: Listen To 5 Of The Best

Missy Elliott has been on people’s minds all day since she released her new track “I’m Better.” With her bumping song playing on repeat, it’s hard not to get nostalgic for her other hits — while still wanting to keep the party going.

Thankfully, other producers have paid tribute to the legendary MC with their own versions of her music.

Here’s a list of some of the best Missy Elliott songs remixed.

Missy Elliott: “Sock It 2 Me” – Kaytranada Remix
A rare remix that can take an already chill jam and maximize it. With a throbbing beat but simultaneous laid back feel, this is the perfect track for a change of pace.

Missy Elliott: “Lose Control” – Landyn Remix
With an unstoppable bass line and a trippy reverb/key combo, this remix of her Hot 100 will make you lose control.


Missy Elliott: “Pass That Dutch” – Reid Stefan Remix
This Missy Elliott song remix capitalizes on its uptempo nature with some cleverly placed loops and heavy-hitting bass drops.


Missy Elliott: “We Run This” – Acid88music Remix
If you need a banger, look no further. Vocal loops and distortion kick off “We Run This” and only grow better as the song progresses.


Missy Elliott: “Work It” – Chris Bushnell Remix
Missy Elliott’s song “Work It” is already a staple track for going out, but thanks to Chris Bushnell’s killer build up, it’s now more danceable than ever before.


Source: Billboard

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