23 Songs To Help You Forget About The Cold Weather

Even if your New Year’s resolutions are still holding up or you remain in the honeymoon phase with one of your Christmas presents, January and February can be a drag thanks to the freezing temperatures.  

Unless you’re one of the lucky people of the world who happens to live where people usually vacation (looking at you, Floridians), winter can get old really fast. But instead of dwelling on the fact that the temperature hasn’t reached above freezing in weeks — or even months — why not pretend that it’s not winter after all?

While summery songs are always fun to listen to, they can serve as a beacon of hope that warm weather is on the way eventually. Sure, The Beach Boys’ and Jimmy Buffett’s entire catalog could pretty much have that kind of effect on their own, but it may be nice to switch things up a bit when you’re trying to pretend you’re somewhere less prone to the cold.

Alas, here’s a playlist for you to kick back, relax and imagine yourself in a place where the grass is green, the sun is shining bright and you’re not ghostly pale. As you listen, remember — only a few more months of the tundra.

Source: Billboard

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