Ryden’s Powerful ‘Murderer’ Original Is One Of Her Boldest Yet

More often than not, music speaks to us on an emotional level, through happiness, sadness, optimism and more, with Ryden’s freshly released record ‘Murderer’ there’s no shortness of emotional connection here. The LA native is a producer, singer-songwriter, and CEO of DopeMafia focusing on making everyone who listens to her music to feel like a hero in their own way. And after watching the trailer for her upcoming single ‘Murderer’ you can’t help but understand what her perspective and goal is. (Decide for yourself below.)

The track features an almost electronic cinematic feel that is dark but moving, telling a tale of anti-love and the self-realization of moving on from a relationship. Incorporating eerie orchestral hits and hard hitting 808’s, this track has the perfect combination of bittersweet resentment but also the exciting feeling of moving on. To get a glimpse into what Ryden is about, check out her video here:

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