Eko Zu’s ‘All I Ever’ A Funkier Direction Off Of The ‘Eternal Eyes’ EP

Coming from Los Angeles and San Francisco, California Eko Zu gives us the refreshing jams off of their new EP, which they have been sharing bit by bit. A 5 track EP that boasts the sounds of disco-influenced beats and guitar rhythms that are as smooth as butter on toast. The trio themselves have a unique history on how the group was formed. The group with members; Zu’ri the melody maestro, Zu’CH3N the singer, and Zu’lan the frequency shaper come from a small deserted island called Eko Isle. They are the product of an animal-human hybrid revolution. With the influences of their transformation they bring us this colorful and exciting music.

The island vibe is alive and well in their EP with 5 songs of pure gold. The track list consists of: ‘Let Me Fall,’ ‘Eternal Eyes,’All I Ever,’ and ‘Here and Now.’ Combining the use of funky guitar riffs and groovy disco-influenced beats; the trio brings us a sound like no other. The vocals in each track are velvety and strong with catchy hooks and emotional verses that keep the listener interested. To listen to what is available from the EP right now, check out the song below.

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