Devault Takes AlunaGeorge’s ‘Not Above Love’ To A Whole New Level

Devault is a talented artist out of Orange Country, California. He’s a producer that creates quality music that’s infused with dope trap and smooth future beat sounds. What’s more, is that this young artist has been releasing music for just over a year and he already has an official remix for Rihanna‘s ‘Sex With Me’. Devault shows no signs of stopping as he recently released another official remix for AlunaGeorge‘s ‘Not Above Love’.

The original version of ‘Not Above Love’ is a dark pop-styled track that contains a chill vibe. Devault expands upon the core feel of the original making his remix a touch darker and giving it a great trap spin. The bass for the drop is one of Devault’s signature sounds, and this brassy bass beautifully embellishes the song’s tone. He also flawlessly plays with Aluna’s vocals, having her vocals adorn and flesh out the remix in a wonderful manner. Devault still maintains some pop stylings of the original, but the increased energy make this song irresistibly fun and easy to move to.

All in all, this remix is fantastic and certainly something to dance to. Any fan of Flume or RL Grime will certainly have a spot in their hearts for this track. With great songs like this, we expect Devault to keep us on our toes for years to come.

Listen to Devault’s remix below:

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