West Coast Based Father Bear Goes Hard With ‘Unsung Heroes’

Father Bear, the furry bass monsters brings us their rage ready tune out now on MaLabel Music. Originating in San Fransisco, California, MaLabel is an underground bass movement worth checking out. Luckily Father Bear has released their entire EP with them featuring some of the hardest bangers we’ve heard in a long time. If you are a fan of heavy bass music then look no further. The track we are excited to bring to you today is ‘Unsung Heroes’ which already amassed an impressive amount of plays and likes. The tune sends a message that we are ‘all in this together.’ After hearing the track for ourselves we are excited to be able to bring you guys the bass that you need.

‘Unsung Heroes’ features influences from dnb, hip-hop, and dubstep. The growls and wobble synths will rattle your chest while the percussion elements add that extra layer of destruction. With hard punching kicks and snare paired with the effected vocals, this track will be making waves throughout the club scene. The duo consisting of BSTEE and B’Rok formed to create Father Bear. The group’s initiative is to explore, expand, and elevate the collective vibration of the dance floor and they have done just that with their new tune.

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