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The Music Of The New HBO Young Pope

Michael Crescitelli



The show follows the tale of young Pope Pious XIII as he dictates the direction of the Catholic Church from the opaque office in Vatican City as the first ever elected American pope. A show with many aesthetically pleasing portraits of the papacy, there are artistic over tones that dominate the screen to award the show applause for creative visuals and patterns. To coincide with the glamorous presentation of religious fashion and intriguing camera angles, the final medium to compliment The Young Pope is also its most compelling; the music.

A narrative intertwining religious politics with zealous reformation, the unorthodox radicalization of Pope Pious XIII is only matched by the obscure soundtrack attached to key scenes prevalent throughout the series. During the series there were song choices that seemed diametrically opposed to the suggested tone of the script; hostile dialogues intensified by electronic deep house(as seen below) and emotional backdrops contrasted with poetic instrumentals, and every kind of eclectic genre carefully injected in between. Electricity of words becomes intensified with the low-key bass music injected for added severity.

The striking sound of the series can only be described as eclectic, with no linear sequence to connect the dots. The sound selection intensifies every scene and by initially appearing random, the progression of the show and continued appearance of various sounds allow the show to adapt to its already eclectic plot.

The included playlist below is sonically extensive that makes the appearance of Flume and Jefferson Airplane on the same playlist sound not just normal, but preferred.


In New York City? Millionaire Tomer Zur Is Providing U.S. Immigrants With Own Car & Job




NEW YORK CITY – The American Dream, it’s just that simple.

It is every foreigner’s idea of success. Only found in the “Land of Opportunity”. Making it into the U.S. legally is only half the journey. Especially in the new Trump era, securing employment and stable means of living is even more difficult than ever for a U.S. immigrant. Well, if you are like New York City’s Tomer Zur, your dream provide others an enriched equal opportunity. Providing thousands of U.S. immigrants with jobs.

Estimated net worth of $140 million dollars. The 31-year-old Israel Millionaire is CEO of award-winning consumer transportation company Luxury One Corp.

Through Luxury One Corp’s success, Zur has taken the opportunity to help other immigrants like him with the opportunity of employment upon arriving in the States. Zur is offering immigrants zero down on a vehicle and providing Israelis with employment through Luxury One Corp’s black car taxi service. To date, Tomer has assisted over 4,000 U.S. immigrants with a vehicle of their own and immediate employment at zero down.

After serving three years in the Israeli military, Tomer immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. Finding a home in New York City, he began building his empire on the foundation of his early success as a auto salesman. Launching Luxury One Corp in 2014, the company’s dedication alongside Tomer’s business smarts have quickly became the country’s largest taxi leasing provider.

Luxury One Corp also provides technology services to transportation businesses including mobile app development. Zur and Israeli Tech Company, Mobileye, developed a vision-based advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to deliver warnings for collision prevention and mitigation.

Ride sharing business is at an all-time high. Since the Ride-Sharing Boom, the automotive business has seen a large decrease in annual purchasing while more and more consumers substitute to the convenient, reliable, and affordable means of transportation. With the boom, comes the huge order of employment opportunities for interested drivers.

“I personally believe that the transportation business in New York City is very competitive; however, I am confidant that we are the most affordable solution for any driver looking for an opportunity to make a living,” says Tomer about the current automotive climate.

So how does Zur’s Luxury One Corp opportunity work exactly?

“They [U.S. Immigrants] are coming here with work visa or green card, Zur explains. “I provide them cars and help them making a decent living with no boss. They’re getting a car that’s good to work in any of app in NYC they don’t need to worry about insurance or repair just go and make money for their family.”

The average market salary for a Luxury One Corp employee is $193,000 per year, ranging from $141,000 to $248.000. The current average cost of living in New York City is estimated at $48,000.

Believing in Zur’s company early on, new car service giants Uber and Lyft aligned with Luxury One Corp as a notable client back in 2015. Helping triple Luxury One’s growth annually to-date.

“Uber approached us (Luxury One Corp) several years ago because the recognized the volume of business, professionalism, and understanding that my company has of the business.”

Tomer further explains, “We assure them [Employees] that we are there for each and every customer on an individual basis to ensure their success. We are here for them every step of the way.”

Tomer offers further incentive with zero money down for inquiring employees.

Tomer specifies, “I don’t take from any drivers down payment or any money when they sign in. My place known as a place that you can walk out with a car without having to put down payment.”

Why so generously noble?

“To humbly answer this question the truth is my generosity and helpfulness is all due to the fact that I personally went thru the struggle when coming to this country. I recognize that the struggle is real, difficult and challenging and if I have the opportunity to help someone I’m delighted to do so,” said Zur, when asked about his inspiration to help his fellow countrymen.

Tomer Zur’s generous self-employment offer couldn’t have come at a better time with the U.S. immigration population at an all time high.

According to a 2015 CNN report, 1,051,031 immigrants are granted lawful permanent residence (“green card”) in the United States. A 2% increase from the year prior. New York was the second top U.S. state where legal permanent residents live with 12.4%. Adding to U.S. immigrant population of more than 43.3 million, making 13.5% of the Nation’s total population.

Luxury One is currently accepting new self-contractors at their Bronx and Manhattan location. All inquiring individuals must provide proper paperwork including, work visa or green card. For complete information, visit the official Luxury One Corp website at or visit Tomer Zur’s official Facebook. Qualifications also may apply.

“We all at Luxury One look to strive and grow along with our customers,” Zur proudly says on his company’s future. “We are looking to constantly expand our fleet. We look to constantly improve our fantastic costumer relationship and service which is everything in this business.”

Several financial reports predict that if Luxury One Corp continues at it’s successful pace by 2020, the company could have over 10,000 taxis and annual sales of approximately $300 million only in NYC area alone. Analysts predict that Luxury One’s success will gradually turn Tomer Zur a billionaire.

Zur has plans of expanding his operations in 2018 to the West Coast. He is currently location shopping in Los Angeles.

Follow Tomer Zur on Facebook for updates and more.

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YouTube Views Will Now Count As Album Sells




Billboard has just revealed that YouTube consumption has been adapted into the calculating of recording album sells. Billboard music charts will now include YouTube views as a form of album/single selling.

While YouTube views would originally be used to certify an acts success but now artists views on their respective music van now be added into the overall accumulation of album sells. It is being indicated that 1500 YouTube plays will now count as a single album sell in the U.S.

Former legendary music executive now CEO of YouTube Lyor Cohen is being consider the face of this new deal as he has brought in other new deals with both streaming services and music labels. Forcing this new deal through and a quick enactment of this new statistic.

Atlantic Records is prepared to take full advantage of this new avenue of reflecting on the charts. In the past few months, Atlantic has signed several YouTube stars including Danielle Bregoli and Jake Paul.

More as this story develops.

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Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes ‘No Promises’ Receives Signature Sounding Tropix Remix

Adam Subotin




Widely regarded as one of the breakout songs of the summer, ‘No Promises’ has received a ton of attention and play through. Not to mention, Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes always seem to possess a major gift in being able to constantly top the charts, so it’s not a surprise to many. However, when talking about surprises there’s no way we can forget about Tropix. They exploded onto the scene with a major remix for Two Freinds ‘Out Of Love‘ which took the internet by storm. In fact, it may happen all over again, as Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes ‘No Promises’ receives a signature sounding Tropix remix.

Tropix’s distinct new sound resonates throughout the remix. From the light and shimmering synth plucks, extensive use of catchy vocal chops, swinging hat work, and harmonic use of gliding keys, Tropix really solidify this as a must listen remix. Most importantly, is it even complete without Tropix’s signature iPhone sample tones? A rhetorical question of course, but I’ll answer it anyway, of course not.

Take a listen to Tropix’s ‘No Promises’ Remix below via SoundCloud:


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