The Music Of The New HBO Young Pope

The show follows the tale of young Pope Pious XIII as he dictates the direction of the Catholic Church from the opaque office in Vatican City as the first ever elected American pope. A show with many aesthetically pleasing portraits of the papacy, there are artistic over tones that dominate the screen to award the show applause for creative visuals and patterns. To coincide with the glamorous presentation of religious fashion and intriguing camera angles, the final medium to compliment The Young Pope is also its most compelling; the music.

A narrative intertwining religious politics with zealous reformation, the unorthodox radicalization of Pope Pious XIII is only matched by the obscure soundtrack attached to key scenes prevalent throughout the series. During the series there were song choices that seemed diametrically opposed to the suggested tone of the script; hostile dialogues intensified by electronic deep house(as seen below) and emotional backdrops contrasted with poetic instrumentals, and every kind of eclectic genre carefully injected in between. Electricity of words becomes intensified with the low-key bass music injected for added severity.

The striking sound of the series can only be described as eclectic, with no linear sequence to connect the dots. The sound selection intensifies every scene and by initially appearing random, the progression of the show and continued appearance of various sounds allow the show to adapt to its already eclectic plot.

The included playlist below is sonically extensive that makes the appearance of Flume and Jefferson Airplane on the same playlist sound not just normal, but preferred.

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