With no rest taken from the long weekend of Pitch Music and Arts Festival, techno dons Answer Code Request and Paula Temple co-headline a huge show in Melbourne this forthcoming weekend.

As an individual who’s career kicked off by being hung up on the wall of Hard Wax, the elusive Answer Code Request is back on our shores thankfully. Someone who provided a new spin on Berlin’s fast-growing techno scene a few years ago, and still wow’s audiences with his unconventional styles, Answer Code Request’s set is one you can’t miss.

From taking the scene by storm with her 2014 release Deathvox, Paula Temple’s career since has continuously ascended to new heights. With countless appearances across the globe at clubs and festivals, as well as numerous releases on the revered R&S Records, Temple shows no signs of slowing down.

You can catch them this Friday, 17th March at Brown Alley thanks to the guys down at Stranger. For those who attended Pitch Music and Arts Festival, pick yourselves up for one last night with these two brilliant imports and close Summer for good. Tickets available here.