VOVIII & Mikey Ceaser Release Versatile Track ‘Foreign’

Coming off an amazing Miami Music Week showcasing and huge Spinnin’ release promo for their upcoming track ‘Pound That’ featuring Crossnaders, VOVIII & Mikey Caesar combine for a versatile single release via Rorschach Music Group in ‘Foreign’.

The trap duo based out of Boston have been no strangers to hip hop, as VOVIII has had successful remixes of several hits such as Ludacris’ ‘How Low Can You Go’, J. Cole’s ‘G.O.M.D’, and Future & Drake’s ‘Big Rings’. However, the duo thought it was time to branch from their remixing and seek out an original vocalist.

When asked about the direction VOVIII had planned for the track VOVIII responded, “The track definitely started off EDM based. It originally started at 128BPM, we pushed it to 150BPM, and then once we got Mikey involved, it then worked its way more towards the blend of the two genres.”

The EDM allure of the track is still heavily intact however. The distinct 808’s, driving synths and hard trap screech on top of Miley’s verses really push the track for a more seamless integration of the two genres, EDM and Hip Hop respectively.

Listen to ‘Foreign’ below:

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