Erich Mrak Releases Video For ‘Think About It’

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Erich Mrak, I have a treat in store for you.

With an aesthetic similar to Asher Roth, Mrak manages to pull off that laid back, lackadaisical sound with ease. Having been writing songs since the tender age of 7, Mrak has mastered the art of storytelling through his lyrics, gifting us with snippets of his life with each song that he releases.

‘Think About It’ is a catchy, chilled out tune that is equal parts cheerful and nostalgic, and this is translated into the music video brilliantly.

This video perfectly captures the essence of what it is like to be a twenty something. 

I woke up feeling 45, sleeping on my side, breathing in your smoke.

Waking up with the TV blaring, a quick face splash, cup of coffee, and trying to get your ‘crap’ for the day together before popping off to the store to grab some fruit juice and snacks. Next, a walk through town, and a hearty breakfast with more coffee, enjoyed with an equally-as-stylish friend. Who knows what the afternoon entailed… the video doesn’t show us, but if my twenties are anything to go by, that is probably because it was a hangover induced blur, alternating between painkillers, naps, and more food. Cut to that evening, and guess what? More cool shit that we only get to do before the very meaningful responsibilities of full blown adult life comes along. I’m talking a beautiful girl leading you down to the basement for a couple of drinks with friends, dance moves, Pulp Fiction, drinking wine out of the bottle, and smoking a joint before making your way home to start all over again tomorrow.

Reminisce your early twenties below. Warning: Slight nostalgia may occur.

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