Rap Game Gets Hit With Killer Mixtape From Avery LR

25 Tracks Of Pure Gold Ahead

As a massive fan of rap music, there is nothing quite like coming across a rapper that just has it, and Avery LR is one of those rappers in a big way. He’s the full package – insanely smooth rap style, excellent production, catchy beats and breaks, and thought provoking lyrics. He manages to make music that I feel could be accepted into the more mainstream avenues of the genre, while still staying authentic to his style and giving us a real, raw finished product.

As his 6th year in the underground scene, Avery LR is no stranger to rap, but for him, this is not about the ‘game’ or street cred that comes with fame. Having come from humble beginnings dealing with violent surroundings, financial trouble, challenging times within his family, and other issues – he draws a lot of inspiration from knowing exactly what it is that he doesn’t want to become. Avery LR uses his music as a form of expression, story telling and to create hope and solidarity for those facing similar struggles – a telling sign of a remarkable lyricist.

“I grew up in that household with the guns stashed, drugs sold – and yo moms’ will pawn your PlayStation, just so that she could go smoke”

This year, Avery LR has gifted as with a 25 track mixtape, ‘Surviving’, and it is a masterpiece. To try and give you an accurate representation of every single on the mixtape would be impossible, but believe me when I say it is an absolute must listen.

The album gives us a little bit of everything – rough, raw bangers that make you wanna throw up deuces and bags of dollar bills; emotional, heartfelt testaments of his journey so far (a rendition of popular song ‘7 years’ even features his son); and his versions of popular hip-hop hits such as ‘All the way up’ ‘Panda’ and ‘Lose Yourself’.

I have a few favorites from the album, but choosing them definitely wasn’t easy. ‘Never Surrender’ feat 10asee stole my heart completely, with a beat so beautiful it (literally) almost brought me to tears, and authentic, profound lyrics that made me feel all kinds of crazy emotion in under 3:00 minutes.

The song touches on social issues like abuse, poverty, suicide, and others that are often readily ignored, and it is songs like these that started my love affair with underground rap. There is nothing quite like that feeling after it ends, and you are left with that echo ringing deeply through your mind, heart, and soul after hearing such realness, expression and raw emotion.

My favourite banger on the album is ‘What u know bout dat’ feat Inwood Dave, an insanely catchy tune that illustrates the ability to make music that could easily make it in the mainstream from both artists, without succumbing to the ‘money, hoes, power’ lyric style often used. The lyrics are still powerful and significant, merging the underground and commercial hip-hop worlds beautifully.

As far as remixes go, Avery LR absolutely kills ‘All The Way Up’ rapping with finesse that would make Remy Ma proud.

I come from a place where the streets help you grow up, and we ain’t with all that talk and that tweeting, n***a pull up.

-All The Way Up Remix

Put this mixtape on play, and don’t stop until the very last track hits. You can thank me later.

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