K-HAM CA Brings Us ‘Astro Traveling 2’

And Its Rare Journey Of Depth And Discovery

There is a lot to be said for K-HAM CA’s latest album Astro Traveling 2, and to really understand its message, you are going to have to listen to it more than once. The second instalment in the Astro Traveling series brings us the same smooth flow from the Toronto-based rapper, and with 12 tracks and features from DONKNOW, Cap’n Morgan, Chris Larocca, and Mad Blackit is an audio treat.

The true beauty of Astro Traveling 2: Albatros Hill is that it is not just an album, but rather a musical project that was written and produced to stir thought, and to encourage delving into a deeper perception of our subconscious ideas of success, discovery, and understanding – not just of others, but of ourselves.

Once you’re able to accept who you are; assets and liabilities in all, you are able to move with a clear vision of exactly what it is YOU continue to strive for. 

Something I have really come to appreciate with the amount of music out there in the digital age, is an artist that isn’t afraid to step away from popular, genre specific sounds. K-H manages to do this, incorporating familiar elements into a production style that is unique and captivating. This also lends itself to the deeper purpose of the album, to give listeners the courage to embrace their individuality, instead of conforming to the expectations and ideals we are faced with every day.

If you aren’t familiar with K-H’s music, expect a rap style that is similar to that of Kid Cudi (yeah, he’s that smooth) and varied melodic feels, some with a more traditional underground sound, and others that are a lot more experimental.

Although this is the direction that K-H is headed, it is not where he started. Having been inspired by the likes of Hendrix and Zeppelin, the musician took up guitar in 9th Grade and aspired to be in a band – but discovered his passion for creating instrumentals when taking up a music production class 2 years later. After working closely with local musicians and with a host of brilliant instrumental tracks under his belt, K-H was well on his way to becoming a respected producer as early as 2011.

After being introduced to elements of old school hip-hop, the K-HAM CA we now know was brought to life.

Astro Traveling 2 is lyrically and vocally strong, which allows the rapper to get away with a sound that is very different to the kind of hip-hop circling the mainstream circuit at the moment. There is some pretty rad sampling throughout the album, which is also something that works quite well with K-H’s rap style.

My favourite tracks from the album have to be ‘Camp Lazlo’ and ‘Ceelo’, both of which manage to execute a laid-back feel while hitting hard with their messaging.

Travel in a pack of rap psychos, spit bullets from the tongue, everybody lie low. My role has turned the main act into a side show.

Stay ahead of what’s good by giving Astro Traveling 2 a listen below.

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