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Tropix & Oxilo Flip Two Friends ‘Out Of Love’ Into A Wavy Classic


After a 3 month, long hiatus including a massive rebrand, Tropix duo, Dylan Christie and Dex Honsa are back and better than ever. The duo teamed up with friend, and fellow client to manager Adam Schifano, Oxilo, to flip Two Friends ‘Out Of Love‘ into a wavy summertime classic.

Following their rebrand, Tropix has adopted a much more electronic-pop oriented sound. With several more marquee remixes in the works, the duo is poised to not let a long rebrand effect their ability to churn out tunes. ‘Out Of Love’ is just one example of their transformed sound that delivers a simultaneously laid-back, yet upbeat groove.

Tropix flips and makes use of the original’s stellar implementation of light instrumental sax, and vocals to really drive their remix. Note, while the electronic-pop elements in the remix really define the track. The way the breaks, builds and vocal passes are controlled primarily through their use of hats, rides, and spacey snare hits, is excellent and second to none.

And no for those that are wondering, while you may be popular, that’s not your phone.
Take a listen to Tropix and Oxilo’s remix of ‘Out Of Love’ below via SoundCloud:

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