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My Silent Bravery Releases Video For ‘Got It Going On’

And It’s Racking Up Views Faster Than That Kim K. Video

When it comes to doing video reviews, I sometimes get a little bit nervous. The thing is, music videos (especially on a budget) can go very wrong, very easily. That is definitely not the case with the latest video release from My Silent Bravery for ‘Got it Going on’ – the first single from the eagerly awaited album Willing to Try. I am not the only one who thinks so, with the video having racked up an astounding 92,971 views and 278 comments in only two short days.

The video is equal parts funny and sexy, with a very LMFAO-esqe feel to it that will have you in hysterics. Directed by Kurt J. Zendzian, who has worked with the likes of Chuck Norris, AWOLNATION, and The Tenors, it translates the upbeat quirkiness of the song flawlessly. I won’t give too much away (because obviously you have to go and watch it) but for the sake of this review I will tell you that there it has a whole lot of cheek, in more ways than one. The main star of the video is a little pug (whose name I am not privy to, but will call Mortimer just for the hell of it) who is responsible for giving his owner a very false sense of confidence. Mortimer has infinite swag, and turns the heads of some hot girls, and guys doing garden work in some very questionable attire. His owner, who happens to be wearing a banana hammock, obviously thinks they are looking at him… but when Mortimer runs off to join a few girls having an inflatable pool party, we soon learn the truth.

I think what made this one stand out for me is the attention to detail that went into the aesthetic. Morty would not have been the same pug without his ‘b***hes love me’ jumper or diamond studded collar, and that ‘Sundae Funday’ lumo T-Shirt and cowboy hat really made that gardening encounter that much more memorable.

As far as the song goes, there is no doubt that it has all the qualities of a chart-topper. It is quirky, catchy and lyrically brilliant in the sense that the words sort of crawl into your head and stay there for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Woke up with my headphones on, Just singing my favorite song
Oh yeah, the hangover’s gone… cause I got it going //
No line at the coffee shop, latte with double shot, no way it won’t hit the spot.

Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery has the unique ability to share his views on a wide range of subjects through perspective and creativity – a quality that I think will carry him right to the top. That said, he has already experienced his fair share of success with his full length LP, Diamond from Coal, having been featured in the Top 40 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Best-Sellers chart, the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases, and the Songwriting competition Song of the Year. The music video for his single ‘Amazing’ was also picked up for rotation on MTV, VH1, & CMT. Diamond from Coal was also nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at the Limelight and New England Music Awards.

With the help of Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani, Avril Levine, Poison) co-writing and producing this album, I am sure that Willing to Try is going to be an absolute smash hit. The album features twelve tracks and will be released in 3 separate Eps over the next year.

Watch the video for ‘Got It Going On’ below.

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