BlackGummy Unleashes Dynamic “Monolith” EP On Mau5trap

It’s rare when an electronic artist these days takes such a risk creatively such as BlackGummy has undergone with his dynamic EP entitled “Monolith” out on the esteemed imprint mau5trap. This mysterious producer has taken on musical exploration and provides his own interpretation of the world. From the ominous opening of ‘Iconoclast through the progressive waves of ‘Arp Makes Sphinx Purr’ and the driving house aesthetic of ‘Desert Fire’ to the eventual dark, soul-scraping synths of ‘Edifice’, BlackGummy serves as a sonic shepherd through a myriad of emotions that expands the mind, nourishes the soul and puts your body at rest. Look for more to come from this rising talent as he continues to push the innovation even further in the future.

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