Deep Chills ‘Run Free’ Meets Somewhere Between Jonas Blue & Kygo

Italian producer, Gianmaria Sanna better known by stage name Deep Chills has debuted yet another summer smash hit ‘Run Free’. Following his major success and #1 SoundCloud charting deep house hit that was ‘Blinded’ in 2016, Deep Chills slowly shifted from a more orchestral styled deep house sound to a tropical styled ambiance with his latest release. In fact, you can say Deep Chills ‘Run Free’ meets somewhere between a Jonas Blue & Kygo production.

Sporting the smooth and catchy top line of Norwegian vocalist IVIE, ‘Run Free’ takes you on the two-minute fifty-second private island vacation you missed out on this summer. Boasting an immediate island vibe, the groovy and enticing chord work on top of accentuated horn and string harmonics instantaneously make you forget that summer is even coming to an end.

So whether you’re on a beach somewhere or in an office cubical, take a dive into Deep Chills and listen to ‘Run Free’ via SoundCloud below:

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