Tropix Adds The Chainsmokers ‘My Type’ To Their Impressive Remix Catalog

After a series of late summer remixes including Two Friends ‘Out of Love‘ and Cheat Codes ‘No Promises‘, Tropix are back. This time, the electronic/pop duo add The Chainsmokers ‘My Type‘ to their already impressive remix catalog. With confirmed support from Alex and Drew themselves, Tropix are sure to make waves on the SoundCloud charts with this almost trancey reboot.

Hailing from the ballad heavy album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’, Tropix gave the song a full uprooting, swinging the track in a much more up-tempo direction, while keeping perfect hold of the lax and peaceful ambiance ‘My Type’ exudes. The major difference between the two versions, however: genre. Compared to the future/balladesque original, the remix exudes a much more trance-like synth structure and sound design. In fact, it’s almost difficult to pin point where exactly on the genre spectrum the Tropix remix lands, with obvious future styled leads and an underlying house influenced low-end, this is a truly unique take on the track.

With plenty more still to come from the fresh faced duo, Tropix take on ‘My Type’ just may be your type. Listen to Tropix remix of The Chainsmokers ‘My Type’ below via Soundcloud.

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