AJ Salvatore & Fluencee Team Up For Indie Pop Hit ‘Better’

AJ Salvatore & Fluence are here to deliver ‘Better’, an addictive indie pop hit with mesmerizing vocals on Classy Records of La Tropical. With Bri Tolani tagging in to bring forth her angelic voice, the three couldn’t have made a greater team. Bri’s flawless vocals compliment the production immensely as you’re quickly swept away into a heart-warming drop that will wash over you in a nostalgic feel. This summer hit is one that will quickly find its way on repeat while featuring catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

“It took a couple tries to find the right vocalist, but between all of us, the chemistry was perfect. I accidentally stumbled across the instrumental of this track when Fluencee sent it to a friend that was the original vocalist”, says AJ.

With the release marking Fluencee’s debut, as well as AJ’s follow up to his first release ‘Sojourn’, you can’t help but accept ‘Better’ as a positive precursor of what’s to come next. Make sure to be on the look out for their upcoming lyric video and remix package soon! However, in the meantime, learn more about AJ Salvatore & Fluencee and listen to ‘Better’ via SoundCloud below.

AJ Salvatore:

Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram


Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

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