Dr. Shiver Releases Funky ‘Something’ On Protocol

The latest addition to the Protocol Recordings family is an Italian producer by the name of Dr. Shiver, and he has just delivered on his namesake with his latest release ‘Something’. Featuring soulful vocals by Kazi and funky guitar riffs with complex melodies, you probably haven’t heard anything like this all year. Dr. Shiver teamed up with some very talented musicians to give ‘Something’ its authentic and organic sound. Also a master sound engineer, Shiver meticulously crafts this production to sound unplugged and vintage, as if the track could be played live instead of electronically created.

This track really represents every one of my artistic sides,” says Dr. Shiver. “As a pianist and hammond player my origins are based in the blues, funky, soul and black music and in this tune you can really feel my musical background in every note, melody and chord progression.”

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