Koyote Headlines Kosmic Gardenz For Second Edition

With a massive lineup and a pristine location, the second edition of Kosmic Gardenz is nearly under this weekend in the desert just outside of LA. With a lineup that stretches as far as the desert, the Gardenz sits atop a mountain, literally. Koyote takes the reins this year and will surely set the tone for the weekend with his energy and unpredictability. With a view like an artistic masterpiece, this festival will be home to only 500 divine individuals this go around. Bass, House, Rock, Reggae, and Hip Hop are all represented here and with organic only food vendors, a trampoline, multiple inflatable swimming pools, an illuminated hammock haven, and a magical sound healing sanctuary, this figures to be a magical weekend in the desert. Tickets are available here and we’ll see you this weekend!

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