Hyuna Takes The Summer With Her In Brand New Single, ‘Babe’

As some of us are mourning the loss of summer into fall, Hyuna reminds us the fun isn’t quite over yet in her latest single entitled, ‘Babe.’ The video itself is an ode to back to the Y2K days that early Millennials will feel some sense of nostalgia while watching. The M/V is sexy and flirtatious but it still manages to keep its innocence of bubblegum pop. The song itself is about Hyuna having a love interest that is younger than her, but as the relationship gains longevity she herself becomes younger where she quips, “Yes I like being a baby. Pamper me.” The lyrics also parallel the video as throughout the video she appears more infantilized. ‘Babe’ is a good song to ring out the summer and the perfect single to celebrate Hyuna’s 10th anniversary as a solo artist. The single will be featured on her latest mini album entitled ‘Following’ which has already been released on all music outlets.

Check the video out below.

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