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Buku Keeps It Weird With ‘Control’

Bradley Callison



With October officially here and Halloween right around the corner of the coffin, we’ve already seen a plethora of releases displaying a different vibe just in time for the festivities. If you’ve got a blood thirst for a truly massive track that will push your boundaries on the dance floor and beyond, look no further than Buku’s new release, ‘Control.’ Sounding like an alien invasion, ‘Control’ dominates the senses with sinister bass lines and laser-inspired effects. Buku is quite the dynamic maestro, and ‘Control’ is definitely one of his darkest releases to date.

I actually was doing yard work one day, and the idea for the main drop popped into my head,” he said. “I ran inside and wrote down a few notes, and it was the first time I’ve ever adhered 100% to the pre-production plan.”


Hear T-Pain’s New Remix Project Presented By Dubset Media




T-Pain has been putting out a lot of new music in 2017, campaigning his return from his five year break with the release of his new album, ‘Oblivion’ coming this November. While known for his award-winning career as an R&B singer/songwriter, T-Pain finds new inspiration and sound in the popular genre of EDM known as Dubset. Using unreleased a cappellas, the “Buy U A Drank” crooner partners with Dubset Media for the release of a new five-song project known as, ‘The T-Pain Remix Project’.

The remix project allows Dubset Media’s budding DJs and producers to collaborate with T-Pain’s vocals and create some of the hottest new songs. Joining T-Pain on the remix is today’s hottest and brightest, Trouze, Bad Royale, UZ, Crankdat, and Killagraham. Dubset and T-Pain are eager to excite fans with this new sound and establish a beneficial ongoing business relationship for everyone involved.

Upon meeting T-Pain and discovering his interest in Dubset, Liz Miller, vice-president of Dubset Media were excited at the new creative idea that the hitmaker presents. Dubset Media released a statement on the new deal praising T-Pain and it’s roster of talent. Miller and Dubset released the following statement:

“We believe deeply in the talent of the DJs and producers that we work with every day at Dubset, so it’s an honor to be able to offer them the opportunity to collaborate with a star at the level of T-Pain… We will continue to find new and creative ways to develop their careers and cultivate their audiences through the resources in our MixBANK platform and through our existing and future partnerships with music services, rights holders, and some of the world’s best-loved artists.”

T-Pain on the T-Pain Remix Project:

“When I heard about Dubset I thought it would be a great way to get some never released acapellas into the hands of some dope producers/remixers… Dubset delivered records that I can’t wait for my fans to hear.”

The T-Pain Remix project is available now on all streaming platforms via Dubset Media. The remix project comes in perfect leading to T-Pain’s forthcoming new album, ‘Oblivion’ slated to be release Friday, November 11th. The fifth album will include T-Pain’s latest hits “F.B.G.M.”, “Goal Line”, and “Dan Bilzerian”. Guest features on the new album include Young M.A., Lil Yachty, Black Youngsta, and many more.

Listen to the entire T-Pain The Remix Project below, courtesy of Spotify.

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Maradonai & Freddy Mac Follow G-House Smash ‘Superbass’ With ‘Some More’

Adam Subotin



Some More

Young Canadian artists Maradonai & Freddy Mac return in massive fashion following their last G-house smash ‘Superbass‘ with ‘Some More’. Following the impressive Rorschach Music Group release, Maradonai & Freddy Mac seemingly structure ‘Some More’ as a part two to their previous tune.

The track introduces an entrancingly addicting ambiance accented by spacey synths and heavy, driven bass lines. Maradonai & Freddy Mac introduce a wonky, yet piquing change of pace to the classic g-house genre. While the track sounds extremely bass house/garage influenced, the tune even boasts some hints of middle eastern flair in the horn work’s sound design, despite the UK inspired sound. Needless to say, this bouncy track will certainly get you up and in the groove.

Listen to Maradonai & Freddy Mac’s ‘Some More’ below via SoundCloud:

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Premiere: Perttu Sheds Light On Reinventing Yourself With ‘Old Stones’

Tune Collective Staff



What a great way to start off a morning. Getting shot this little gem the other night was definitely a sweet surprise. But before we dig into the tune, allow me introduce you to Perttu. He is a 25 year old Finnish native, that was introduced to rock music at the very young age of 6 by his father which led to him learning the drums, and later the piano and the guitar. By the time he was a teenager Perttu was off and traveling with his metal band, where he got his first taste of the international music scene. 

After all of this experience Perttu started to branch into the electronic world where he found new possibilities and started recording and creating his own samples. From hit singles like “Waves” which has just under 9 million streams on Spotify, to his latest singles like ‘Stardust‘, the bright young artist has been getting listeners ready for his 4th single which is what we’re here to talk about today ‘Old Stones’.

“Sometimes in life things have to stay broken or need to be completely destroyed to let you move forward and become a better you. Building a new house with old stones can be a preposterous task. “Old Stones” is about finding the courage to burn it down and reinvent yourself. “Perttu

‘Old Stones’ is a light hearted track that will have you falling in love with it again and again. From the beginning we start with some staccato strings that then introduce the lovely vocal that carries us through the  to the drop, that will get you moving with its solid bassline and shimmering synths. But to really get the feel for the song, you’re going to have to check it out below.

So what are you waiting for hit play, and experience the magic.

Follow Perttu: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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