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Mixtape Mondays Ft: Kasbo, The Federal Empire, Caden Jester, Midsplit X Proto X ChinChilla & Steve Void




Well good morning sleepy head and welcome to your Mixtape Mondays! Rolling over and hitting the off, or in my case the snooze button on the alarm, on a Monday can brutal but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right kinda of music.

So adding this sweet little Kasbo track to your morning routine may just be the supplement you need. With atmospheric sounds and feels, layered with Nea’s soothing voice, and light flutes tangled with guitar riffs you will be awaking from the dead in style. As the beginning softly wakes and moves you which then introduces you to the drop that gives you a slight burst of energy. Just enough to get out of bed and get your day started.

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You’re moving around now, getting that blood flowing, and you’re needing something while you get ready so The Federal Empire comes in and snags the next spot in your playlist. Guitar plucks breathe life into your legs and you can’t help but let out a couple of claps as the vocal comes on and gives you just the right touch of nostalgia. Then the drop comes in and you’re ready to tackle the day ahead.

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Getting in the car can be the hardest part, or maybe that’s just me and my road rage…but hey we can get through this together. Thats where Caden Jester’s summer loving track comes in to play. With lovely piano, vibey percussion, and tropical synths, you might just be groovin enough to not think about the person in front of you that refuses to drive the speed limit.

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Midsplit is coming in hot with what 2 tracks in like a week, but this time in collaboration with Proto and Chin Chilla. I’m not one to complain about too much music though, especially when it’s oh so good. So for work today you’ll probably just want to keep this one on repeat so you can pretend you’re the one trying to take it slow with your new fling, when in reality you’re just procrastinating and scrolling through Instagram. Teodora’s voice is so good and so catchy that when it gets paired with the solid kicks and vocal chops in the drop, you too will be a victim of the awkward chair dancing.

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Clocks ticking down on work and literally ticking in this song, and thats why we’re ending here with Steve Void. Laurell’s powerful voice is enough to get your blood going but then it meets the super interesting and chip tune-esc drop, that i’ll admit had me doing quite a bit head banging during this article. Ugh and then in the bridge going into the last drop I think I fall in love with Laurell a little more everytime. So with fantastic production and writing you’ll be dancing out of the door and on your way to freedom. Thank me later.

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Check back next week for your Mixtape Mondays.


EDM Violinist Alfiya Glow Shares New Video, “Broken”




Releasing the classical-meets-EDM single back in December. Today, up-and-coming Russian EDM Violinist Alfiya Glow unveils the video premiere for her new single, “Broken”.

In the video, Alifya is soul searching for the lost happiness and take a break from music to admire her beautiful sight-seeing must see surroundings. Finding her inspiration among the flashing lights and bass. Alifya Glow puts the pieces of her broken heart back together and delivers an incredible performance for the sold-out crowd.

Alfiya on “Broken”

“We all have shadows. Sometimes the skull between your ears is a bad place to be alone, almost as if there is another person that wants to take you down. Don’t let that person BREAK you. Dedicated to all humans struggling with depression.”

Alfiya Glow is fresh off the 2 GIRLS 1 TOUR and currently preparing for a big 2018 with more hot new music. “Broken” was directed by Omari Bigham.

Watch the world premiere of “Broken” below.

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Tropix Bring The Love On Valentines Day With Debut Single, ‘Love You’

Adam Subotin



Love You - Album Art

After a long stint of impressively received remixes, Tropix are back, and this time the duo is bringing the love on Valentines Day with their debut single, ‘Love You.’ The track – reminiscent of Jonas Blue’s, ‘Fast Car‘ pays homage to Mario’s, ‘Let Me Love You,’ and single-handedly builds an entirely new ambiance around the popular tune.

Featuring the vocals of Gabrielle Puggi, the warm, jazzy intro and smooth top line go hand in hand. In typical Tropix fashion, the duo knows how to inject their summertime groove into anything they touch.

Listen and Save Tropix, ‘Love You‘ Below:


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Flapo Brightens Thutmose’ ‘Wuwu’ With A Distinctly Pacific Sound

Adam Subotin




Flapo brightens Thutmose’ recent hit, ‘Wuwu‘ with a distinctly Pacific sound. The Columbian producer channels his inner vacation, with his take on Brooklyn rappers hit. The relaxed yet bassy tune sports some similarities in sound to Hawaiian native graves Hilo EP. From what has been previously expressed, the EP was a direct reflection and influence of Hawaiian sound. Taking direct influence from graves or not, Flapo does justice to the track, bringing a new sense of serenity and openness to the track through his coy manipulation of existing vocals and excellent sound design.

The Columbian has been no stranger to success either with several Hype Machine placements, so you can almost certainly expect to see the tranquil remix of ‘Wuwu’ spreading its way across your favorite streaming sites and platforms.

Listen to Flapo’s remix of ‘Wuwu’ via SoundCloud below:


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