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Mixtape Mondays Ft. LeyeT, Petit Biscuit X Lido, EMBRZ, Snugs, Said The Sky & EDEN




Another day another dollar am I right? Mondays tend to be hard but they don’t have to be. So start yourself off right with a little bit of Mixtape Monday’s, where we gather some songs to ensure you get through the day in mostly one piece.

This Monday is ROUGH for me so I definitely needed a gentle wake up this morning and man is LeyeT doing me right. With dreamy guitar riffs, tangled with snaps and of course LeyeT’s incredibly gentle yet powerful voice you will hate this morning a little less. With lyrics that will speak to you, this track will have you up and in your early morning feels…having you thinking about taking the long way to work to maybe catch that sunlight for just a moment longer.

 “This is a song that captures exactly what I’m feeling right now. It is me being honest and vulnerable with where I’m at… realizing maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into love again, or if you are….maybe you’d prefer to take the long way?” – LeyeT

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I’m still not feeling alive and I may or may not still be laying in bed checking my emails so Petit Biscuit comes in to rock my world with his new track ‘Problems’ (ft. Lido). Atmospheric synths fill the room as punchy kicks get your blood moving and Lido makes you fall more in love with him with every word…ok maybe that’s just me, but a girl can dream.

PSA!! You MUST check out Petit Biscuit’s new album Presence that just dropped, if you’re vibin with this track and need more to listen to…you won’t be sorry.

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So much yes in this track…just the plucks at the beginning were enough to get me excited and bouncing.  Having a coffee in my hand with this one playing probably wasn’t the best idea, but hey live and learn right? Turning this little beaut on as you get ready to leave will have you concentrated on the day ahead of you but will also give you that boost you’ve been looking for.

“I originally wrote this song on the guitar and then turned it into an electronic track. I wanted to find that balance between something energetic but also something calming and atmospheric.” – EMBRZ

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My choices today are for sure on the more delicate side so we can gently ease ourselves into the week after lots of long nights. With so much stress that builds up around work, bills, and life its good to be able to turn to music for your natural medicine. Sometimes in life you have to learn to let go of the things you can’t control and put the energy into the things that you can. So snugs is here to share that message with his latest track ‘Radio Silence,’ that brings light to a bad day with playful percussion and bouncy synths, ensuring a peaceful introduction to your day.

“I cannot make your problems disappear, but I can be here through times of need. We all get frustrated sometimes when it feels like we are being ignored. Sometimes the best things to do is just to let it allllll go. Our lives and happiness are not dependent on other people. We create our own comfort. Now grab a blanket, throw a pillow, get up on your bed and dance!” – Snugs

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You might want to wait till after work to listen to this one or maybe right before bed because who knows…you may be shedding a tear. Continuing with his unique style of emotional lyrics, crisp percussion, and synths that will give you goosebumps, Said The Sky proves he can soften even the hardest heart. He has to be one of the most talented producers I have come across with his amazing musicality and inspiring personality, which leads me to believe that it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows his name.

PSA #2: If you haven’t bought a ticket to the Illenium Awake Tour, which highly incorporates Said The Sky and Dabin you are MISSING OUT. But hey if you don’t want to go to a life changing show, that is probably one of the best I’ve seen, then thats on you. You’ve been warned.

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Check back next week for your Mixtape Mondays. Oh and seriously buy a ticket to the Awake Tour HERE & listen to Petit Biscuit’s album HERE…now you have no excuse.

 I just found a new EDEN track too…so here’s a bonus one for you to get your feels on with. You’re welcome.


Hear Phil Crown Debut Single, “Pick Up The Phone”, It’s Hot!




Pop artist on the rise Phil Crown isn’t necessarily a new face to the music scene; currently residing in Oakland, California, he has been producing behind the scenes for many notable artists over the last few years. Now, Phil is stepping into the spotlight and releasing his debut EP next month; he just dropped the first single off the upcoming ‘Desert Son’ EP, “Pick Up The Phone.”

“Pick Up The Phone” is a dance-infused pop song that captures the struggle a girl has when she’s feeling stuck in a moment of her life, not going anywhere.

Phil Crown explains the lyrics, “Pick Up The Phone is a metaphor to tell her to start making something of herself. Like a wake up call, ‘tell me how you want it’ and I can give it to you, as soon as you’re ready to listen.”

The first track off his debut album is a release in collaboration with Machat Records in association with Hippos and Tanks.

Press play on “Pick Up The Phone” below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

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Holidays Are Here! Listen To Charity Lockhart New Single, “The Reason Is Love”




Charity Lockhart invites you to, share the holidays with her. Her single “The Reason Is Love” can be found on her new album, “Under the Mistletoe”… which is available for streaming and purchasing everywhere. The single was produced by Andy Gonzalez and Charity provides a certain angelic tone, that infuses R&B, Soul and Jazz. It’s a preview of what’s in store on the full album. Please listen and share with family over this holiday season.

“This song is what I live for everyday. Using a contagious smile and knowing that my reason to live is to love.” – Charity Lockhart

Get into the Holiday spirit with this catchy new tune below, courtesy of Spotify.

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Maino, Dave East, And Jaquae Team Up On ‘Bag Talk’

Tune Collective Staff



Harlem has bred some serious talent, but next up in the city’s big leagues may be Dave East. The soloist is showing unique promise, his collaboration with Jaquae and Maino being another reason why. With meaningful beats and lyrics tied to highly melodic vocal verses, ‘Bag Talk’ makes an impactful impression on the listener in no time. This is far from Dave East’s first release and I am sure won’t be his last.

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