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    Slimez Debuts Versitile Feel Good Track ‘Rapture’ Via Rorschach


    Up and coming producer Slimez has been gaining some major support on Soundcloud through his intricate productions.  However, going forward Slimez shows us a different side of his production style, as he debuts his new feel good track ‘Rapture’ via Rorschach Music Group. Slimez takes a much more future styled approach than any of his previous tracks. With his focus seemingly more in the dubstep realm, ‘Rapture’ expresses his versatility to produce in multiple genres.

    The track immediately draws attention with its catchy, feel good top-line chord and synth work. Following into the drop, the track really begins to display its versatility with its rolling 808’s and metallicly oriented fills.

    Listen for yourself via SoundCloud below:

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    My Silent Bravery Releases Video For ‘Got It Going On’

    When it comes to doing video reviews, I sometimes get a little bit nervous. The thing is, music videos (especially on a budget) can go very wrong, very easily. That is definitely not the case with the latest video release from My Silent Bravery for ‘Got it Going on’ – the first single from the eagerly awaited album Willing to Try. I am not the only one who thinks so, with the video having racked up an astounding 92,971 views and 278 comments in only two short days.

    The video is equal parts funny and sexy, with a very LMFAO-esqe feel to it that will have you in hysterics. Directed by Kurt J. Zendzian, who has worked with the likes of Chuck Norris, AWOLNATION, and The Tenors, it translates the upbeat quirkiness of the song flawlessly. I won’t give too much away (because obviously you have to go and watch it) but for the sake of this review I will tell you that there it has a whole lot of cheek, in more ways than one. The main star of the video is a little pug (whose name I am not privy to, but will call Mortimer just for the hell of it) who is responsible for giving his owner a very false sense of confidence. Mortimer has infinite swag, and turns the heads of some hot girls, and guys doing garden work in some very questionable attire. His owner, who happens to be wearing a banana hammock, obviously thinks they are looking at him… but when Mortimer runs off to join a few girls having an inflatable pool party, we soon learn the truth.

    I think what made this one stand out for me is the attention to detail that went into the aesthetic. Morty would not have been the same pug without his ‘b***hes love me’ jumper or diamond studded collar, and that ‘Sundae Funday’ lumo T-Shirt and cowboy hat really made that gardening encounter that much more memorable.

    As far as the song goes, there is no doubt that it has all the qualities of a chart-topper. It is quirky, catchy and lyrically brilliant in the sense that the words sort of crawl into your head and stay there for an uncomfortable amount of time.

    Woke up with my headphones on, Just singing my favorite song
    Oh yeah, the hangover’s gone… cause I got it going //
    No line at the coffee shop, latte with double shot, no way it won’t hit the spot.

    Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery has the unique ability to share his views on a wide range of subjects through perspective and creativity – a quality that I think will carry him right to the top. That said, he has already experienced his fair share of success with his full length LP, Diamond from Coal, having been featured in the Top 40 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Best-Sellers chart, the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases, and the Songwriting competition Song of the Year. The music video for his single ‘Amazing’ was also picked up for rotation on MTV, VH1, & CMT. Diamond from Coal was also nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at the Limelight and New England Music Awards.

    With the help of Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani, Avril Levine, Poison) co-writing and producing this album, I am sure that Willing to Try is going to be an absolute smash hit. The album features twelve tracks and will be released in 3 separate Eps over the next year.

    Watch the video for ‘Got It Going On’ below.

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    Drew Vision Drops ‘Shades Of Summer’

    Over the years we have been gifted with R&B greats, many of which have formed part of the soundtrack to significant moments in my life. From letting it burn, to fallin’ in and out of love, there is no better genre to indulge in when it comes to making up, breaking up, and of course – shacking up. Wink, wink. This EP by up-and-comer Drew Vision would feel very much at home as part of that playlist.

    With stirring vocals, emotionally-fuelled lyrics and soul that runs deep, his music bears semblance to some of the best in the business; including John Legend, Bryson Tiller, and Usher. I have no doubt that Drew Vision will soon be a regular go-to for broken hearted girls, pre-party warm ups, and for anyone who can appreciate good quality rhythm and blues.

    Just like all the greats, Drew Vision executes the smooth, stylish funk of more up beat R&B just as powerfully as he does ballads, and Shades of Summer, mixed by the legendary Bryan Michael Cox, illustrates that beautifully. His more power-infused tracks ooze confidence, leaning on cheeky lyrics and catchy beats, all pulled together by his remarkable ability to weave a rhythm that stays with you long after the song ends.

    As a 5 track EP, being able to display such strong variety is really commendable – there is a track to turn up to, cry to, sing along to, dedicate to someone you love, and even the perfect number to kill pre-date jitters. Honestly, after just one listen, it is obvious why Drew Vision is currently being buzzed about everywhere from People Magazine to Billboard. His ability to create music that appeals to such a wide variety of moods and listeners is testament to his musical ability, and I think that he is going to gain a plethora of loyal fans as a result of Shades of Summer.

    So, back to the EP. It is obvious that I enjoyed it, and as someone who appreciates a wide variety of music, I enjoyed the versatility of the offering. That said, I really enjoyed the strong lyrics on the deeper, more ballad like tracks ‘No Do Overs’ and ‘Deep Water’. As a hopeless romantic, ‘Deep Water’ in particular struck a chord with me, and I literally cannot get it out of my head. This is the kind of song that I want dedicated to me, scrawled on a scrap piece of paper and slipped under my door. It is so beautiful in an optimistic way, dodging all of the sometimes rather cheesy love proclamations that love songs tend to lean on. It also has a fun, upbeat rhythm that make it more of a powerful love anthem than a boring love song.

    Our love is deeper than the ocean, its cool when you let me take you there – sometimes we’re swimming in the oceans, I like when you let me take you there… into deep waters.

    I also especially enjoyed ‘Want em all’ – this track absolutely MASTERED sexy, with a bouncy rhythm and memorable vocals that will, in my opinion, soon make their way on to the twitter feeds and status updates of many. The only word to describe the video is HOT. Think candy, lingerie, private video snippets, and some seriously impressive moves. You also get to catch a glimpse into the charismatic confidence that Drew Vision does so exceptionally well.

    This that one-way vibe, that two candy shop, that ice cream, that sundae, that cherry on top // Let me melt that caramel, one look in your eye… you can make my banana split, I wanna see you try.

    With more than a decade of live performances under his belt, it is no wonder that Drew Vision is able to create the immersive musical experience that he does. He pays homage to R&B elements of the past, as well as incorporating a current feel to his music, displaying his professional vocal and lyrical ability. Having worked with the best in the business, including Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé & Kanye West, Drew Vision is now focussing on his solo career – so expect many more powerful releases like this one. I, for one, cannot wait.

    Give Shades of Summer a listen and download, and watch the video release for ‘Want it All’ below.

    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5gccczTLnMmGKG9TJxzsRq

    Apple Music:  http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1253202926

    Itunes:  http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1253202926?ls=1&app=itunes

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    Stream Meek Mill’s New Album, ‘Wins & Losses’

    Meek Mill drops a new 17-track record called Wins & Losses (mostly losses, from Drake), with a boatload of features like Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Future, Yo Gotti, The-Dream, Quavo, Teyana Taylor, Rick Ross & more.

    Stream it below.

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    Stream Nav & Metro Boomin’s ‘Perfect Timing’

    Months in the making, The Weeknd protege Nav and super producer Metro Boomin’ release the highly-anticipated collaboration project, properly-titled, ‘Perfect Timing’.

    The two Republic Records signed form a new duo from the foundation of the two previously released singles, “Call Time”, and “Perfect Timing (Intro)”. Linking up in the studio back in December, the Toronto-meets-Atlanta acts put together some serious heat and bring along some superfriends to take the project to the moon.

    Among the 15-tracklist, features guest appearances from Belly, Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, Offset (Migos), 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi Vert.

    Listen to the new project below, courtesy of Spotify.

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    Adustio Debuts ‘Save Your Prayers’ Ft. Lonemoon

    ADUSTIO is the solo project of Stockholm, Sweden-based producer Iona Constantinescu. Iona breakout on his own after establishing himself as a producer with a couple high-profile unofficial remixes. Under a new stagename, Adustrio drops debut single.

    “Save Your Prayers” is ADUSTIO’s first officially released single, a track featuring vocals from American vocalist & producer Lonemoon which is the synthesis of soulful rap/R&B and grimy yet ethereal beats music. It’s an emotional and gritty effort which tackles difficult but important subjects: mental health, anxiety and depression, among others.

    Listen to the new track below via Secret Shores.

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    B.L.A.C.K Baron – Mayretta (ATL Remix) Ft. Scotty ATL, Joe Gifted, & Deante’ Hitchcock

    With his latest song, “Mayretta” growing legs and running out of Atlanta and on to the mainstream radar. B.L.A.C.K Baron brings another exciting follow-up to the Northside anthem with his Atlanta mega mix; Featuring all four corners of the A with seasoned artist Scotty ATL (East Side), Joe Gifted (West Side), and Deante’ Hitchcock (South Side).

    Listen below.

    The single is off his debut EP, ‘RED DAWN,’ slated for release the end of the summer.

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    Watch Caye’s New Video, ‘LA Life’

    Uprising Boston recording artist/producer Caye is quickly becoming a mega-star on the college scene since the release of his 4-million streamed self-produced 2016 hit, “Coma”. Riding the wave, Caye unveils a new music video retelling his move to pursue his dreams titled, “LA Life”.

    Directed by Luke All, the feel-good summertime visual inspired by his (Caye) big move from Boston to Hollywood. In the clip, Caye spins the sunny day lounging with a few baddies while stopping by the skate park, iconic Venice Beach, and Melrose.

    When asked about the concept behind the making of “LA Life”; Caye explains,

    Caye explains, “LA Life was inspired by the reality of living in the Promised Land. Living my entire life in Boston, I never realized how big the music industry was in LA. In Boston, you don’t get to see that golden opportunity, so you don’t see its full potential. The goal for me and many Boston musicians was always to reach this Promised Land that everyone was talking about. I never understood the gravity of that until I finally spent a year out in LA at USC.”

    Watch below.

    Caye is headed out on the festival tour this Summer, followed by his very own headlining College tour run. Like “LA Life”? Check out more great music from Caye on Soundcloud.

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    Interview: ReauBeau Shares About Inspiration, Upcoming Collaborations, & More

    ReauBeau is the bass music rising artist to watch in 2017. His recent massive releases on Spinnin’ Records with the one and only Snavs, and on Lowly Palace with Maesic ft. Emma Sameth made him grow quickly in just a couple of months. ReauBeau is the perfect blend between old school Hip-Hop and modern Bass music. His productions are really clean and energetic. We had the pleasure to ask him about his music and upcoming projects.

    When and why did you start making music?

    That was a while ago! I first started beatboxing when I was 16. Also, I used to be a singer in a Punk Rock band when I was 18.

    Where does your musical inspiration come from?

    It comes from a lot of different types of music. I went to a Hans Zimmer and Guns n roses concert in the same month and I truly felt inspired when I saw them performed. I think every genre has his classics.

    What are the artists that inspire you the most right now and why?

    I always get inspiration when I listen to Mr Carmack or Hans Zimmer/ John Williams. Also, when I listen to new music in general or a nice groove in a song; that can lighten that up.

    For the producers that follow Tune Collective: what DAW do you use? What are your go to plugins?

    I use Ableton Live and a lot of Ableton plugins. Then I use some UAD plugins and a bunch of Waves as well. I love saturation knob by SoftTube.

    What are some of your interests besides music?

    A LOT! I love to travel which is good when you are a musician. I do crossfit 4 to 5 times a week to stay fit and to keep my mind focussed as much as possible. I also enjoy watching a good documentary or movie. Finally, I used to draw a lot when I was younger.

    What are your upcoming projects and gigs? Any future collaborations?

    I am playing at Tomorrowland this week-end! And I have a few collabs coming out as well; one with Dreadpitt and one with Creepa! And I have a bunch of other sick stuff coming up but I can’t say anything about it yet. ☺

    Reaubeau just released a sick remix of ‘The Siren’ by Sektor & Subsequent which can be heard below.

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    Dance-Focused Clothing Brand Svcred Launches New Video

    Many are tired of hollow fashion that feels like a massive corporate cash grab. Svcred is changing the game with their andro, goth, and renegade streetwear. Featuring a selection of custom bombers, hats, patches, pins, tanks, and tees, Svcred creates clothing that lets us recognize people for their unique talents instead of their physical traits. By creating a sophisticated voice within the electronic community with their unique design, Svcred encourages everyone to embrace their flaws and quirks while finding their raw, authentic selves. With a successful Kickstarter campaign already underway, you won’t want to miss out on Svcred’s fresh take on gender-neutral, electronic music-inspired clothing.

    Follow Svcred: Kickstarer | Twitter | Facebook

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    Kygo Reveals Trailer For ‘Stole The Show’ Documentary: Watch

    Kygo isn’t your average 20-something. The Norwegian superstar has collaborated with Selena Gomez, landed some serious Spotify real estate over the past couple years with two billion-plus streams, and has now unveiled the trailer for his upcoming documentary, “Stole The Show”. 

    The trailer features bites from Martin Garrix, Bono, Steve Aoki and more who offer their perspective on Kygo’s meteoric rise. The Norway native himself says in a press release, “Can’t wait for everyone to see what really goes on behind the scenes!  It’s exciting showing people the journey that I’ve been on up until this point in my career.”

    “Stole The Show” will be premiering exclusively on Apple Music on July 26. Watch the trailer below:

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Guns, Unions And Globalism: The Evolution Of Kid Rock’s Musical Populism

    “I will serve no rhymes before their time,” Kid Rock rapped almost two decades ago — back when he actually used to rap, referencing Orson Welles for Paul Masson on his breakthrough album Devil Without A Cause.

    Not strictly an accurate claim: Even then, he was already recycling songs from several pre-superstardom albums that barely made it beyond the Great Lakes. Yet there was some truth in the brag, and still is, in the sense that the 46-year-old exurban Detroiter born Robert James Ritchie has long instinctively grasped when the timing was right to switch gears, giving increasing emphasis to some element of his white-trash aesthetic that had always been there, even if not many people had noticed.

    This has happened more than once: When his high-top-fade hip-hop “went metal” on 1998’s umpteen-platinum Devil — even though trippy AOR samples had been part of his sound at least since 1993’s obscure The Polyfuze Method. When he “crossed over to country” with the 2002 Sheryl Crow-then-Allison Moorer duet “Picture,” then even more so with 2008’s Warren Zevon-and-Lynyrd Skynyrd-sampling “All Summer Long,” years after his Southern-rocking top 20 2000 pop hit “Only God Knows Why” inspired a David Allan Coe cover. Maybe even back in his tween years, when he first crossed the line of demarcation from covering Jim Croce hits in his Lincoln-Mercury dealer dad’s Romeo, Michigan barn to breakdancing and turntabling downtown; heck, if Bad Bad Leroy Brown wasn’t gangsta, who was?

    You get the idea Kid Rock’s shoveled his way through enough Macomb County winters to know how to give his career a good opportunistic jump start now and then. The guy’s got an uncanny knack for pulling rabbits out his fedora — it may be no coincidence that his biggest hits have all tended to be third or fourth singles off their albums.

    Still, his album sales and visibility have been tobogganing downhill for the past decade or so — give or take in Detroit, where his astounding six (!) concert dates unveiling Little Caesars Arena this September will prep the pizza-branded venue for the Red Wings and Pistons. But now, as of last week, at least according to a web page featuring some anatomically correct deer taxidermy and revolving slogans like “Welcome To The Party,” Kid Rock has announced a run for the U.S. Senate – presumably as a Michigan Republican.

    Or maybe it’s just a marketing gambit, since the news coincided with a tour announcement and two new singles — that’d explain why he hadn’t officially registered his candidacy, and why the “Buy Now” button links to a Warner Bros. URL peddling paraphernalia such as yard signs and T-shirts. The type of right- (or at least libertarian-) leaning upper Midwest populism that Kid personifies has clearly turned a hot commodity in the past year; within four months of the election, he was selling backyard barbecuers an American Badass Grill, “made in the USA — for American workers, by American workers. Tough. Hardworking. Built To Last.” A month after that, in April, he dropped in on Donald Trump, along with Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin.

    But none of that’s a surprise. This decade alone, he’s filed verses for soldiers (2012’s AC/DC-riffed “Let It Ride”) and down-on-luck auto workers (2010’s “Times Like These” and the regionally released, explicitly union-nostalgic 2010 EP track “The Midwest Fall”); he’s railed against globalization (in ‘60s-style 2012 frat-rocker “3 Catt Boogie,” also suspicious of big banks and Wall Street) and against guns being taken away (in 2015’s “Ain’t Enough Whiskey,” also suspicious of the N.S.A. and notably swiping its groove from Bob Seger’s pre-superstardom 1974 “U.M.C.,” which stood for “Upper Middle Class”). “God Save Rock n Roll” in 2012 had an aspiring musician who “grew up fightin’ for the upper end of lower class” losing his Motor City grounding in L.A.; real men stay true to the Rust Belt, see, even if they own a few houses elsewhere. The windswept “Born Free,” the title cut of an uncharacteristically polite and profanity-free 2010 album produced by Rick Rubin, wound up Mitt Romney’s campaign song in 2012, maybe because it’s vague enough to let people interpret “freedom” however they want.

    Thing is, the ideological bent of Kid’s lyrics doesn’t necessarily always land where you’d guess. He’s had his moderate moments: On Born Free, he collaborated with the odd couple of Martina McBride and T.I. in the rather wishy-washy “Care,” shrugging his shoulders at feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless but saying they still mattered to him, while all three artists took turns fretting about “screamin’ on the left, yellin’ on the right, I’m sittin’ in the middle tryin’ to live my life.” Later he told Billboard “somebody’s gotta smack the f–k out of Congress and get them to start working together,” thus placing the burden for making America great again on not the executive branch, but both parties of the legislative. He doesn’t trust preachers either, and good luck finding an alt-right troll who’d second his SJW confession from 2007’s “Amen”: “Our nation’s race relations got me feelin’ guilty of bein’ white.” Not to mention, from way back in 1998’s (and before that, 1996’s) “Where U At Rock”: “Ayn Rand couldn’t stand me, so she banned me.” Somewhat cryptic, but still — take that, Paul Ryan!

    It’s worth mentioning that the two singles hitched to Kid Rock’s congressional declaration eschew political commentary, unless you count the shotgun-wedding identity politics of boogie-fevered hillbilly elegy “Po-Dunk” (“house fulla youngins and a yard fulla junk”). “Greatest Show On Earth,” as heavy a track as he’s recorded since Devil Without A Cause, is concert-ready ringmaster fodder. It also sounds kind of like Rob Zombie, and both tracks dip a toenail or two into ‘70s Aerosmith, albeit amid workin’-in-a-coal-mine-or-chain-gang clanks (“Po-Dunk”) and rubbery blubbery bleacher beats (“Greatest Show”). So basically, where potential Senator Ritchie stands on health care remains to be determined. Perhaps he needs to talk to his constituents.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Ed Sheeran To Play Lisa’s Love Interest On ‘Simpsons’ ‘La La Land’ Parody

    After traveling to Westeros on Game of Thrones this weekend, Ed Sheeran is headed for the town of Springfield where he’ll join The Simpsons in its upcoming 29th season. 

    Sheeran will guest star on a musical-themed episode called “Haw-Haw Land,” which Entertainment Weekly reports will be a parody of La La Land with him playing a Ryan Gosling-esque musician named Brendan. Naturally, he’s just Lisa’s type. 

    “He keeps alternating [between], ‘You’re not that great, but you could be fantastic,’ and she keeps falling for him because of his talent,” executive producer Al Jean told EW. There’s actually a love triangle forming as well with Nelson, who tries to impress Lisa with his singing talent. How is Nelson’s voice? “Well, you’ll hear,” says Jean with a chuckle. “He sings ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ with new lyrics, and he kind of bullies those notes.”

    Sheeran will be singing a bit in the episode when he meets Lisa, impressing sax-loving school girl. But it doesn’t sound like everyone will be falling for Brendan. Jean continued to state Milhouse, who has often professed his love for Lisa, will not be so pleased by Brendan showing up in his hometown. 

    “When Lisa meets Brendan, Milhouse comes in and he goes, ‘I’ve brought three kinds of waters — cold, warm, and lukewarm,'” said Jean. “Lisa goes, ‘I’m not thirsty anymore,’ and ‘Milhouse goes, ‘Dammit!’ That’s the effect he has on somebody else…. The girls love him but he’s difficult.”

    Sheeran is reportedly a longtime Simpsons fan and even has a tattoo of the show’s three-eyed fish, Blinky. 

    “We had a perfect part for him,” said Jean. “So we said, ‘Oh, great, we’ll have him do this!’ And we recorded him over the phone from England.”

    Check out Sheeran’s new digs here:


    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Fountain Square Music Festival Lineup Announced: Phantogram, Dr. Dog & More

    The 2017 Fountain Square Music Festival, a two-day event in Indianapolis, is scheduled for Oct. 6-7 at the city’s historic Fountain Square neighborhood.

    More than 50 artists will be on this year’s bill, including Phantogram, Dr. Dog, Bishop Briggs, Real Estate and the Cool Kids. The full lineup will be unveiled soon.

    “FSMF is a boutique, immersive music festival with a sole focus on ensuring new, unforgettable experiences for artists and fans,” Jared Sparkman, producer for festival partner Absorb, says. “We want to bring them all together in unique performance environments unlike other festivals. The entire neighborhood and business community in Fountain Square has helped enable us to create this event, and we’re honored to have their support of our vision to help make the event a fantastic success. Putting the festival together has been an amazing, organic experience.”

    FSMF will have five stage locations; festival organizers say the NUCLEUS main stage is an “immersive outdoor stage” with “customized visual installations for audiences to become intrinsic participants.”

    Tickets will be on sale Friday (July 21) at 10 a.m. via TicketFly.com. Two-day general admission passes are priced at $99, while VIP passes offering a lounge with side-stage viewing, cuisine and beverage service, premium parking and more are $199.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    UK Ravers Are Chomping Donald Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills

    Most presidents are honored with turnpikes or airports, maybe a statue — and in the most honorable cases, their face goes on money. Always an outlier, Donald Trump has once again broken the mold. The 45th POTUS has been turned into an ecstasy press pill.

    According to the Daily Mail, a UK-based web vendor is selling orange, head-shaped Trump tablets in batches of 1,000 at £1,200, which are selling on the street for “about £8 a pill or £20 for three.” User comments call the pills “quality,” and assert that “these pills will blow your head off.”

    The seller’s tagline? “Trump makes partying great again.” Will these orange-bombers make their way across the Atlantic Ocean to a club near you? If they did, it would be yuge.

    Read the full story here.

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    The 15 Best Gorillaz Songs

    Every band has a story, but the Gorillaz are a story. We all know it’s Damon Albarn behind the mic with a rotating cast of collaborative characters, but the stellar, genre-blending electronic music is only half of the band’s greatness. Jamie Hewlett’s cartoons are rife with personality, and the foursome’s outlandish comic antics and adventures bring the project to life. They were breathing in the virtual before society realized its own cyber destiny.

    Gorillaz proves that you don’t have to let experimentation and originality fall to the wayside in the name of commercial viability. You can still have songs on the radio and sell a bunch of albums even if you continuously push yourself to be strange, dark, and a little twisted. Gorillaz are virtual beings, and yet they are continuously one of the realest acts on the market.

    The proof? Here are 15 of the best Gorillaz songs ever recorded.

    15. Gorillaz – “Rhinestone Eyes

    This electro-funk song from Gorillaz’ third album Plastic Beach stands out for its delicious weirdness. That pumping, synthetic organ surrounded by swirling ghost voices is some kind of wonderful. It’s dark, because almost everything by the Gorillaz is dark, but it’s got a jolt of energy that makes you wanna get up and adventure, as 2D’s deadpan delivery is fabulously juxtaposed against stabbing samples.

    14. Gorillaz – “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Headfeat. Dennis Hopper

    This Gorillaz song features Dennis Hopper, from effing Easy Rider, reading to you the damned destiny of men who do not heed the warnings of nature. The only other song I can think of anywhere remotely similar to this is The Velvet Underground’s “The Gift,” which is equally narrative-based and disturbing. Put this one on next time you’re sitting around a campfire exchanging ghost stories.

    13. Gorillaz – “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven

    Right after the demise of the Happy People in “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head,” “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” sweeps you into the bright lights of the afterworld. It bleeds just as seamlessly into Demon Days‘ album-ending title track This whole little closing act of the LP is quite brilliant, running beautifully on a theme with this tune as a reflective centerpiece. And who doesn’t fall victim to the charms of an angelic chorus?

    12. Gorillaz – “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

    This Demon Days deep cut has a Western feel, the crashing symbols sound like a cowboy’s heavy walk punctuated by the clinking of spurs. Albarn could be a man singing a sad song of love lost in an old saloon. The bright keys could be the dusty piano. It’s a cinematic piece that grows ever more interesting and noisy in a sweeping, chaotic build, before coming down in a sunset of strings. Nothing is resolved, and everything is as it should be.

    11. Gorillaz – “Plastic Beachfeat. Mick Jones and Paul Simonon

    The title track from the Gorillaz’ third studio album is a real creamy dream. Funky creaks and croaks and wonks plop here and there among the cascading keys. It’s also, essentially, a collaboration with punk all-timers The Clash, as both guitarist Mick Jones and bassist Paul Simonon grace the tune with classic cool. This is a summer song for when everything is wrong, but partying is still on the docket.

    10. Gorillaz – “Rock The Housefeat. Del The Funky Homosapien

    ’90s alt-rap great Del comes through for his second appearance on Gorillaz’ debut LP. He plays the role of drummer Russel’s dead MC friend. Russel is possessed by Del, which is really not that bad of a deal. While comments from the cartoon members of the band in faux-tobiography Rise of the Ogre reflect a certain distaste for the tune, “Rock The House” stood out on Gorillaz with its bright horn sample (courtesy of “Modesty Blaise” by John Dankworth) as one of the most fun and fanciful moments on the record.

    9. Gorillaz – “Superfast Jellyfishfeat. Gruff Rhys, De La Soul

    Any song that opens with a clip of a commercial is a winner in my book. De La Soul’s Trugoy grabs the baton of sarcastic capitalism and runs with it right into a bubble of cheeky fun. The bouncing beat lulls you into a false sense of happiness as you crunch on your sugar-coated mind-control bites. Slurp up the pink-and-purple swirl of milk and wash away the feeling that there might be something more meaningful at stake. There you are! You’re ready for the dance floor called life.

    8. Gorillaz – “Andromeda” feat. D.R.A.M.

    There’s no denying the fabulous funk of this Humanz single. It’s got an interstellar groove that boldly goes where no cartoon band has gone before. It’s a fun, seemingly innocuous song, but it’s actually very personal to Albarn. It’s named after a nightclub from his youth, and it was the only place that played soul music in the area. He tried to capture the spirit of those nights in the song. He also dedicated “Andromeda” to the mother of his longtime partne,r who recently passed. It’s an emotive dance track with highs, lows, sick synthlines; in short, everything you need in a dope dance hit.

    7. Gorillaz – “Ascension” feat. Vince Staples

    Sirens and Staples’ apocalytpic party-starting mark the impending dopeness that will certainly leave your ears damaged and demanding more. The off-beat melody creates images of women twerking in dirty streets as buildings crumble and people spontaneously combust. Ain’t no club like the end of the world, and when this world meets its demise, put this Gorillaz song on full blast.

    6. Gorillaz – “19-2000

    If you were a nerdy kid around the turn of the Millennium, it’s highly likely you remember that night when Cartoon Network’s Toonami ran a bunch of animated music videos. It was the first taste a generation of youngsters got of Daft Punk’s Interstellar 5555, and it was also the most we’d ever seen of Gorillaz to date. This song blew my mind when I was 13 – I’d never heard anything quite so strangely, electronically funk – as did its explosive and hilarious video. It’s like a modern day Looney Tunes episode, and it helped introduce us to the characters we know and love today.

    5. Gorillaz – “Tomorrow Comes Today

    This lo-fi beat comes straight from the band’s debut LP and hits you right in the soul. It’s the kind of rainy-day rhythm that turns you inside out and has you thinkin’ all deep and stuff. It’s all blues and grays — the underlying melancholy sucks you in, but you can’t help but head-bob. It’s a little sad, but it’s still a mean groove.

    4. Gorillaz – “El Mañana

    This is one of those rare Gorillaz singles that isn’t a down-and-out dance tune. It’s beautifully sad, the melody of one stuck between a rosy yesterday and the far-off gleam of a better tomorrow. The music video depicts the destruction of the band’s floating island: This is the point in the story where Noodle got lost. As a single, it didn’t perform as well as its Demon Days predecessors, but as a song, it’s haunting and honest, the kind of melancholy sing-along that lives in your heart on rainy days forever.

    3. Gorillaz – “DARE” feat. Shaun Ryder

    This was our introduction to Noodle’s singing, brought to us via the vocal chords of Roses Gabor. 2D, a.k.a. Albarn, is on the backing track, with Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder chiming in alongside him. Did you know “DARE” samples Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909” at the end? It’s a downright danceable track, though it keeps that Gorillaz’ creepiness running throughout with those slinking synths and ghostly chorus vocals. It’s got bits of disco, trip-hop, and new wave peppered throughout for a fresh take on commercial viability that doesn’t have to put brakes on experimentalism, a cornerstone of what Gorillaz are all about. It remains the band’s only U.K. number one hit. Ryder is actually saying “It’s There” on the hook, and that was the working title for the track, but the singer’s accent is so intense, they just went with it and changed the name. The music video is full of horror film references, from The Birds to The Brain That Wouldn’t Die and The Ring.

    2. Gorillaz – “Clint Eastwood” feat. Del The Funky Homosapien

    I remember the first time I saw this music video. I was 13. My bestie was sleeping over. She got scared. I fell in love. “Clint Eastwood” is the first rap song I knew every lyric to, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone: This eerie, drum-driven synthetic experiment is the musical equivalent of Damon Albarn creating his Frankenstein’s monster, which might explain the zombie apes in the visual. That red Japanese letting under the logo? It’s a quote from Dawn of the Dead, and it reads “Every dead body that is not exterminated, gets up and kills. The people it kills, get up and kill.” A couple months after this tune came out, every single one of my friends had a favorite Gorillaz member. It inspired me to listen to the group’s debut every time I did my homework for about two years straight. “Clint Eastwood,” much like it’s namesake, is America at its most goddamn iconic. Nothing sounded like it before. Nothing will ever sound like it again.

    1. Gorillaz – “Feel Good, Inc.” Feat. De La Soul

    This tune broke the top 10 in 17 countries (and came just four spots away on the Billboard Hot 100), and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got classic Gorillaz rump-shaking buffooner, a cool hook, a cartoonish attitude, and blistering verses from De La Soul. The feature won each a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration. “Feel Good Inc.” is actually the band’s most successful single, and it perfectly encapsulates the group’s vision. That wild laugh in the background is everything that makes Gorillaz what they are — they’re mad with genius, and the only way off their twisted carnival ride is to dance.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Watch Diddy’s Son King Combs Debut 2 New Videos

    Being the son of one of the most iconic music mogul’s ever is a lot of pressure. After signing with his father’s record label last year, Diddy‘s son Christian Combs, better known as, King Combs is ready to become the rightful heir to the Bad Boy throne as he drops two brand new music videos in “F*ck the Summer Up” and “Type Different”.

    Like his father, King Combs steps out with an extravagant summer campaign that shows off his birth rights of lavish transportation on both land and sea, party animal heritage, and unique swagger. The new videos are in-support of Combs debut project under his new deal with Bad Boy/Epic Records scheduled for a late-2017 release. With your dad being Diddy, making a phenomenal debut should be a breeze.

    Watch both “F*ck the Summer Up” and “Type Different” below.

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    Tauzha Shares Video & Mixtape For ‘5 Rings’

    Chicago’s Tauzha has been bubbling in the Windy City for a moment and now she seizes her moment with the release of debut project and new video of the same title, ‘5 Rings Vol.1’. Inspired by her father, Tauzha explains the theme behind the album with the following quote to fans.

    “In my eyes he’s like Kobe. He got 5 rings. Anybody with 5 rings gon make sure the family eat, because they know how to win. That’s my dad to me.”

    In the Gravitti Films-directed video, the Chocolate beauty shows her journey as she grinds all the way to the top of the charts in order to take care the one thing that matters most; Family. From the dollar train to the Phantom, Tauzha develops a work ethic and relentless passion that pays off as her friends and family come together and put those days of struggle behind them.

    Watch “5 Rings” and listen to the complete project below.

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    Watch Shawn Ham New Video, ‘How I’m Livin’ Ft. Que

    Gringo’s Gang’s Shawn Ham release his latest visual for the popular cut, “How I’m Livin”. Featuring hitmaking ATL recording artist Que, produced by Browntime, the clip shows a prime example of the motto, “Crime Pays”, as he shows off his success of drug dealing, including, lavish cars, tons of cash, and beautiful women.

    Shawn’s single, “How I’m Livin” is his first offering to his fans from the playlist album “Hamaveli”, which is available on all retails outlets.

    Watch below.

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    Damar Jackson & Yo Gotti Hit ‘Club Again’

    R&B newcomer Damar Jackson is about to take the music scene by storm. Known for co-writing the hit single by K-Camp, “Comfortable,” he wants the world to hear his own voice singing his hits. Damar makes his splash whit his single “Club Again” featuring Yo Gotti, off of his newest project Unfaithful, was inspired by a personal experience.

    Describing “Club Again”, Damar says:

    “I was thinking about my ex and how she really had sex with another n*gga right after we broke up…so club again means I’m back single and out here living. It’s a celebratory song about a real life situation of me walking back into the club/single life.”

    Listen to “Club Again” below.

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    Stream Slim Kuttar’s New Song, ‘Off The Wall’

    New Orleans recording artist Slim Kuttar is making headway in growing in popularity with the release of his new track, “Off The Wall”.

    The grandson of iconic R&B group Temptation’s frontman Paul Williams, explodes on the new Suga Bear production. On the track, Slim spits a smooth, mid-tempo, party starter that will have you head bouncing and ready to hit the dance floor as you hit repeat.

    “Off The Wall” is off of Kuttar’s debut EP, ‘A Conversation at the Witz Inn,’ Slim Kuttar incorporates a diverse mix including jazz, hip-hop, and classical in each of his songs.

    Listen to the new track below, courtesy of Spotify.

    https://open.spotify.com/track /1jH8grAgz37VcajDpr4c7o

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    Rising Star The Faze Shares New Video, ‘The Black Slim Shady’

    Recently established music publication LA Weekly delivered worldwide recognition to Moreno Valley, California recording artist The Faze for his uniquely recontextualized new project, titled, ‘Liquid Swords’. Inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan member GZA‘s classic album of similar name, Faze capitalizes on his newfound popularity with the release of a new video off the project, “The Black Slim Shady”.

    In the Foreign Shooter-directed clip, The Faze embodies Eminem-esque bars over the beat from the vintage ‘Liquid Swords’ track, “Duel of the Iron Mic,” which featured Masta Killa, Dreddy Kruger, Inspectah Deck, and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. While spitting venomous wordplay, Faze links up with his goons and pulls a bank robbery, stick up, and hide a body.

    Faze on “The Black Slim Shady”:

    “The Black Slim Shady is 100% the Slim Shady character just from my perspective,” The Faze explains. “It’s probably the track I had the most fun making while creating the Liquid Swords project. With Eminem being my biggest influence I wanted to capture what the Slim Shady character would have to say in 2017, even though we love this character for being funny and controversial, there was a social message in the art as well that was always overlooked due to the color of the content. So that’s where the ISIS reference stems from, as well as the skit in the middle of the song where me and the homie Rome shoot up a Trump rally.”

    Watch the tribute below.

    Enjoyed the video? Checkout the full-length project below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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    Varun Puts Twist On Martin Garrix’s ‘There For You’

    After scoring 1.8 millions plays for his ‘Paint The Sky’ collaboration with AVE & EFX and LA James and having Interscope Records pick up his remix of Ivy Levan and Diplo’s ’27 Club’, Varun continues his impressive evolution with his remix of Martin Garrix’s ‘There For You’. Extending his progression into softer, more understated dance music, Varun’s reimagining of the Garrix original is a flawless future bass revision. Building on the vibe he showcased on’Paint The Sky’, Varun knows when to let the vocals shine and when to show off his impressive compositional talents. The end result is a layered, gorgeous interpretation that will leave listeners mesmerized.

    Follow Varun: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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    Watch Trump & Putin Shake Hands To A Daft Punk-Inspired Beat, Thanks To Germany’s G20 Video

    U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin came face-to-face on Friday (July 7) for a meeting at the G20 Summit in Germany and shared their first official handshake.

    The only footage of the handshake so far comes courtesy of a roving cameraman for the German Cabinet, and the video that includes the historic moment comes complete with a bouncy electronic beat.

    The background music leans electronic and carries a bit of Daft Punk influence. Listen for yourself below:

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Ryan Gosling Makes Harry Styles’ Heart Race In BBC Radio 1’s ‘Heart Monitor Challenge’

    Styles also talked about making his film debut in ‘Dunkirk’ during his latest Breakfast Show interview.

    Leave it to Harry Styles to make hearts skip a beat because of his own heart rate.

    On Monday (July 17) Styles stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw to talk about his upcoming film Dunkirk and to play the “Heart Monitor Challenge.” In the game, Grimshaw attached a heart rate monitor to the “Sign of the Times” singer and showed him a series of pictures to see which would elicit the greatest change in his heart rate. 

    While Styles’ biggest heart jump resulted from a chelsea boot (a Styles fashion staple), a shirtless picture of Ryan Gosling from The Notebook was a close second, with Styles’ heart rate reaching 80 beats per minute. As Styles gushed over how the movie still was from a good scene, Grimshaw called him out for his heart rate rising at such a rapid pace — which Styles quickly denied with a sheepish “no it’s not!”

    Despite his brief embarrassment, Styles spoke to Grimmy about his love for rom-coms, saying he’s seen The Notebook around 30 times and watched Pretty Woman four times just the other week. “I’m too on edge, so I like watching things where I know what happens at the end,” he said.

    Although Styles’ WWII epic Dunkirk — which hits theaters Friday (July 21) — is nothing like a rom-com, he had nothing but good things to say about his experience with the intense period piece. The singer said he was thrilled to get on board with the Christopher Nolan-directed film early on and explained that rather than dressing in his typical rock n’ roll style, to secure the part, he “purposely went [into the audition] in a beanie hat and jumper,’ adding with a chuckle, “I should maybe try to blank canvas this down a little.” 

    Styles also detailed what it was like working on set, having to remember lines, and how he teared up at the London premiere seeing everything come together.

    Watch Styles’ “Heart Monitor Challenge” and listen to the full interview here.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Noel Gallagher & U2 Play ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ At London Show: Watch

    Continuing their 30th anniversary world tour of their landmark album The Joshua Tree, U2 made it to London Saturday night, July 8. The band brought out none other than Noel Gallagher to render a full-scale performance of the Oasis cut “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Noel is joining U2 in the opening slot, on a spate of European Joshua Tree dates.

    “May you take this somewhere else, somewhere in the UK,” Bono introduced the song. Since an impromptu sing-along rally in Manchester, following a tragic suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” has been a rallying cry of hope. Bono and Noel dedicated the song to the people of Manchester. Watch the video below.

    Of course, the other Gallagher is not bitter whatsoever about “Bingo and his naff band” doing the Oasis hit without him — he’s got his own solo record, As You Were, imminent. He played the single at Grande’s benefit concert following the Manchester attack. At that concert, Coldplay did their own version of “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

    This article was originally published on SPIN.

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    Tess Takes A Night Out That Will Be ‘Hard To Forget’ In New Video: Exclusive

    Paris-based singer Tess is stepping onto the international stage and she’s making sure that everyone only gets the real deal.

    On the catchy new single “Hard to Forget” — the first since dropping her debut EP in January —  the Réunion Island native is making a statement about keeping true to yourself and taking the good with the bad.

    “I wanted to explain that we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we have the right to,” the singer tells Billboard. “We are just humans, not robots, and we shouldn’t blame ourselves for everything.”

    The video, directed by Parisian duo Ecoute Cherie, couples the song’s laissez-faire attitude with a carefree night on the town, complete with dancing and strolling through the city. It’s a vibrant piece that matches the energy of the song and reminds the viewer that the whole point is to just let go.

    “For this video, we decided to focus only on Tess — just Tess having fun in a club, dancing and not caring about anything else,” the duo says. “The music reminded us of summer hits, music you just want to dance to.”

    The undeniable accessibility of “Hard to Forget” stands as a perfect introduction to Tess, who is not shying away from showing the world who she is. The track allows the singer to showcase her vocal abilities that are equally sultry and pop-ready, while the video gives her the chance to embody the song’s message.

    “I thought I had to be perfect because maybe people saw me that way; it was very hard to forget a mistake,” Tess reveals, “Now I know that I just want to be real and have feelings.”

    For Tess, all signs are pointing to good vibes in the near future. With her incredible output this year, she’ll be hard to forget, but absolutely impossible to get out of your head.  

    Check out the “Hard to Forget” video below.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Mala Luna Music Festival 2017 Lineup Announced: Future, Lil Wayne, Migos And More

    The lineup for the second annual Mala Luna Music Festival, taking place in San Antonio, Tex. on October 28-29, has been announced.

    The event features a mix of hip-hop and dance artists. Future, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Migos will headline across the two-day concert, which also features performances from EDM stars Afrojack, Carnage and Borgore. Up-and-coming R&B singers Kali Uchus and Khalid are set to make appearances, on a roster that also includes Playboi Carti, Ugly God, Smokepurpp, Trae the Truth, J.I.C and more.

    This year’s event sees Texas-based music promoter ScoreMore Shows relocating the festivities from the Lone Star Brewery in downtown San Antonio to Nelson Wolff Stadium, where a second stage will help accommodate more acts and attendees. There will be live art installations, food vendors and merchants that reflect local culture and the annual Diá de los Muertos celebrations. It follows last year’s festival, which featured appearances from Kaskade, Travi$ Scott and Steve Aoki.

    Two-day tickets are currently on sale at www.MalaLunaMusicFestival.com. A portion of each ticket sale will be donated to the Network for Young Artists (NYA). Last year, the festival helped raise $15,000 in donations from 30,000 attendees to the non-profit, which provides affordable music classes for area youth. This year, student artists Rayne and Isabella Rodriguez will perform at the festival.

    Check out the full lineup below.

    This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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    Former Foo Fighters Drummer Is Still Annoyed With Dave Grohl

    Everyone likes Dave Grohl. Everyone, that is, except William Goldsmith, the former Sunny Day Real Estate drummer who played in Foo Fighters from 1995 to 1997. Goldsmith worked on the band’s 1997 album The Colour And The Shape only to find out that Grohl had rerecorded all of his parts without telling him, and in a new interview with The Daily Mail, he reveals that he’s still pretty pissed about it.

    “Apparently Dave was going to re-record a few of the songs. I don’t know if the producer told him to keep going, or what. But the next thing you know all of the work I had done was gone except for one or two of the tracks,” he recalls, adding that he felt like he had been creatively “raped” by the experience. “It was a way of describing how it felt — when you put that much of yourself into something, and then without you even knowing, it is completely destroyed from existence.”

    To add insult to injury, Grohl then asked him to stay in the band and tour with them. “The way things were handled, and what was done to me, I do think that staying in that band would have made me feel like my soul was destroyed and I would have likely ended up dead,” he says. And although Goldsmith “been given the impression” that Grohl “feels bad about the way things went…If he feels bad about how things went then why hasn’t he tried to get a hold of me?” The last time they saw each other was in 2002, at a festival they were both playing at.

    Grohl “was a bit like the kid who is popular but is mean and everyone likes them,” Goldsmith explains. “I remember once Dave said in an interview that touring with me was like touring with a punching bag.”

    This article originally appeared in Stereogum.

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    DAIJO Drops New Single ‘Heart Strings’

    Canada based producer DAIJO has a simple but important motto; Shape songs from the heart, create sounds from within and touch people with timeless music. After spending the last decade behind the scenes producing for some of the biggest names in the industry, he now steps to center stage to let his music come to light. 

    Daijo rencently released his single ‘Heart String’ which put him on our radar. With Adventure Club like vocal chops, a whaling siren lead, and beautiful lyrics, this track is one to add to the playlists.

    Check out Daijo below and enjoy!

    Follow DAIJO: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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    Hear B. Fisher’s Breakout Single, ‘Never Said That’

    Meet B. Fisher, an 18-year-old Dutch recording artist/producer has the potential to follow in the footsteps of his inspirations GoldLink, Jay Prince and Smino with his latest track “Never Said That”.

    On the track, Fisher delivers a nice uptempo rap jam with a groovy self-produced beat. It’s the first single off his forthcoming EP, properly-titled, “The Art of Expression”. “Never Said That” is refreshing, intriguing, and most of all exciting.

    Available now for pre-order, B. Fisher’s debut EP is slated for a August 4th release.

    Listen to the new track below.

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    Premiere: DREVM Debut Dark Genre Entitled Single ‘Deathcore’


    Brothers Dylan and Jared Chancey of DREVM have been on a roll lately with their stellar releases. Hammering home their domination of the blogosphere, DREVM keep their momentum rolling and debut their dark, genre entitled single, ‘Deathcore.’ While doubling the name of the track with their self-entitled genre “Deathcore”, the track acts as an example of what the genre as a whole, truly encompasses.

    When asked, “What does the genre of deathcore encompass to DREVM?” DREVM responded, “…deathcore is basically the atmosphere and overall feel of the track. It’s mainly about the unique way of using samples and synths in ways you would not think of using [them]. Also with deathcore, we like to tell a story in a way…we try to portray what a horror movie would be, but in a track. We want you to have the experience in a way.”

    Where did they get their inspiration from you ask? Well, it may seem pretty straight forward, but simply from their collective love of horror flicks and folklore. “We came up with this because me and Dylan love horror movies and paranormal shows and stuff. Always used to interest us. Our main inspiration to create music like we do is the horror movies, legends, and paranormal experiences you hear about today.”

    Coming full circle to ‘Deathcore,’ I think it’s safe to assume DREVM accomplishes what they’ve set out for themselves. The ambient environments and spooky sceneries they are able to create throughout their use of samples, distortion, and dark synth work are unparalleled. The ways in which they simultaneously play with, yet mesh their eerie use of static noise and very metallic, industrial sounds in ‘Deathcore’ mimic that of a haunted factory or warehouse killing ground. However, just as DREVM proclaimed to me, “we want you to have the experience…” so, what a DREVM track may sound like to me, may be much different to you.

    Take a listen to DREVM’s exclusive premiere of ‘Deathcore’ below:

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    The Lost Boys! Watch Eddie Brock New Horror Music Video, ‘Nowhere To Go’

    Bakersfield, California indie recording artist Eddie Brock builds anticipation for his forthcoming new album with the release of his new video for the title track, “Nowhere to Go”.

    In the conceptual visual directed by Jason Mitchell and Rickey Bird, the artist/producer also known as Ghost channels his inner fanboy with the recreation of the classic horror film, The Lost Boys. Hypnotized, he allows his new unbeknownst vampire love interest (played by Jessica Franco) to lead him down a point of no return. Leaving the recording artist to make a life-changing decision.

    Great visual while Eddie Brock delivers an outstanding balance of melody and suspenseful wordplay. Eddie Brock’s upcoming album, ‘Nowhere to Go’ is slated for streaming late-2017.

    Watch below.

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    Watch Koil X Vito Fun Must-See Video, ‘Less Talk, More Art’

    New York City’s nightlife connoisseur Vito Fun has teamed up with multi faceted producer KOIL, known for his works with non other than Timbaland and Diddy for a quirky new electronic release with Brooklyn Fire. Through the track, “Less Talk More Art” the two have addressed an issue plaguing dance floors across the world. In a time when many people experience live shows through the screens of their phones, the simple and catchy one line paired with the fresh electronic sound encourages people to engage, dance, and create.

    The summer track is accompanied by a perfectly minimalistic yet artistic video reminiscent of Warhol or Lichtenstein’s 1950’s pop art. Directed by Kyle Walling, he incorporates bright pops of color with some very unexpected scenes – think plastic camel – and of course includes mind blowing dance moves. The video is sure to compel you to get up and get those “artistic” urges flowing.

    Watch below.

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    SayMyName & Protohype Share New Video “Run This” Ft. DJ Paul & Crichy Crich

    Los Angeles based SAYMYNAME is fast becoming the leader of the new hard dance music scene. Today, the most-sought after producer delivers another enthralling energy burst with “Run This”, with Protohype, featuring DJ Paul from Three-6-Mafia and Crichy Crich.

    “Run This” is dominated by the signature hard-hitting bass sound that fans have come to expect from SAYMYNAME. Sharp percussion drops, explode into a heavy Hard Trap beat, before the elements are abruptly stripped away leading to a brass-filled grinding swell that gives way to the catchy rap verses. “Run This” is designed to tear up dance floors and festival crowds around the world.

    Watch the new video below.

    Directed by James Rico. If you enjoy the video, check out the song now on Spotify.

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    Phora Shares New Video, ‘Numb’

    Currently on his sold out 30-city “Yours Truly 2017 Tour”. Phenomenal Southern California recording artist Phora transition new audio to visual with an official music video release for his new song, “Numb”.

    Directed by go-to On Point Films’ George Orozco. In the clip, Phora releases his emotions from love lost. Alone, in a room of his own thoughts, Phora express withdrawls caused by the love of a absent significant other. In conclusion, he finds closure, comes to terms with his past, and adapts a new ice-cold persona.

    “Numb” is slated to appear on Phora’s upcoming sixth effort, ‘Yours Truly Forever’. The new album is inspired by the cult following of the same name the Santa Ana-native developed during his underground upbringing. In under three years, Phora has grown from an indie sensation to one of the most trending recording artist right now in the world.

    “Numb” follows previous video releases in less than a month including, “Rider” and “To The Moon”. All three visual presentations are in support of Phora’s upcoming debut album under his new deal with Warner Bros.

    Watch below.

    Phora major label debut, ‘Yours Truly Forever’ is set to be available for streaming on August 18th via Warner Bros/Yours Truly imprint.

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    Teddy Rose & Corrupt Expand The 3LAU Sound With ‘On My Mind’ Remix

    San Diego-based Teddy Rose’s stock in the music industry is rapidly rising thanks to his stellar remixes and melodic originals. For his latest effort, Rose teams up with Ohio-based Corrupt for a blazing remix of 3LAU’s “On My Mind”. Building off of house music influences, Corrupt and Rose add unique touches to make the song all their own. The sparse, high-energy opening sets the tone, with Corrupt and Teddy Rose playing with pace and structure throughout. From the pitched down samples to the swirling synths and sound design of the song’s breakdowns, Corrupt and Rose have successfully crafted an essential summer song for clubs and house parties.

    Follow Teddy Rose: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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    Jessi Is Feeling Like ‘Gucci’ In New Music Video

    Jessihas to be one of the most bad ass chicks in the Kpop industry. She is sexy as she is confident with the rap skills to match. She hasn’t released a rap single in almost two years, but this song was worth the wait because she knows how to deliver. The Unpretty Rapstar Alum has released her latest single, ‘Gucci’ which is one of the singles that will be on her mini album entitled, ‘Un2verse.’ which is slated for release on July 20th, 2017. Dawning platinum blonde locks and a fearless attitude, the New Jersey native proves why she is one of the best Female MCs coming out of South Korea. Check out the video below:

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    Haim’s Sophmore Release ‘Something To Tell You’

    Last week the soft rock group Haim released their second album Something To Tell You through record label Polydor. The 11 track album opens with radio single ‘Want You Back’, vocalist Danielle Haim’s gently crooning about a repelled love she has come to regret. Siblings Alana and Este contribute backing vocals throughout the track and the melody is a sophisticated soft rock jam sprinkled with 80’s nostalgia with fleeting bass notes propped up by a punctual percussion beat.

    The second single off of Something is the prosperous ‘Little of Your Love’ with Danielle’s vocal range appropriately beckoning comparisons to Stevie Nicks. On the track ‘You Never Knew’, the juxtaposition of Fleetwood Mac reigns most familiar, with Danielle undulating her vocal range through a meadow of soft blues inspired melodies common on peak Fleetwood Mac albums.

    The invisible theme tying together the thread of each track is Danielle’s regrettable mislay of a love discovered and lost.  The album, or the band’s permanent aesthetic for that matter, isn’t genre bending but era bending. Each song assembles into a glacier of 70’s soft pop, 80’s retro synth, meshed with 90’s R&B and melts into an ocean of decaying barriers and reefs of colorful satisfaction.

    The Haim siblings, Danielle, Alana and Este have released an album with as much personality and charisma as their creativity would allow. The sisters have achieved the arduous task of writing music in a style that is reflective of their collective style, one that is original, authentic and bold. With all the comparisons to classic bands and contemporary fashions, the Haim girls have blended their charm into a believable and classy elegance that is pleasantly refreshing.

    With only sample albums to occupy our time with, Haim has proved that their success from their debut wasn’t a fluke and their sound, although comparable to past sounds, possesses an individuality which renders itself incapable of being duplicated.

    Watch below.

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    Watch Future’s NSFW Video For ‘My Collection’

    Fresh off his “Nobody’s Safe Tour” and set to embark on the “HNDRXX Tour” later on this month. Future continues to promote his latest album with the release of a new music video for the track, “My Collection”.

    In the black-and-white visual, Future discuss his inner-demons while he surrounds himself around implied models to comfort him.

    HNDRXX is Future history making two-part album release this year as it was released a week after his first 2017 self-titled album. Both albums went number-one on its debut and made it an historic first for the Atlanta recording artist. ‘HNDRXX’ is available for streaming now via Epic Records/Freebandz.

    Watch the new video below.

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    Travis $cott Shares New Video, ‘Butterfly Effect’

    Currently on tour with Kendrick Lamar, Travis $cott feeds his fans a treat in the release of a new music video for the track, “Butterfly Effect”.

    Directed by BRTHR, Travis hits the hills in a golden lambo and takes us on a trippy trip filled with tricked-out motorcross riders, butterflys, and beautiful women. Travis released, “Butterfly Effect” in a trio of new songs several months ago.

    His second album, ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ is now platinum and available on all streaming outlets. Travis Scott is on the Kendrick Lamar highly-anticipated “DAMN Tour” along with Big Baby D.R.A.M..

    Watch the new video below.

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    Hear Rob Markman’s Debut Single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’

    Established as a reputable veteran music journalist, current Head of Artist Relations at Genius, Rob Markman embarks on his original dream of rocking stages in front of the limelight with the announcement of his debut EP and release of first single, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”.

    While many industry insiders are familiar with the Brooklyn-native rhymeslaying origins, today, Markman announces to Hip-Hop his introduction into the game as an independent recording artist with his debut single, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”. The track is produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and features vocalist Kirby Maurier. On the track, the man behind interviews with many of Hip-Hop’s great plays close to the vest with lines of personal reflection and just the facts and not put words together just to match. A great kick-off track leading up to the upcoming EP release to quickly follow.

    Earlier today, Markman sat down with Sway’s Universe in a surprise interview and announcement to discuss his reason for beginning his music career and often believing he could best majority of his interviewed recording artists in dueling wordplay. After releasing his debut, Markman also became the latest addition on Apple Music’s Breaking Hip-Hop playlist.

    Won’t have to wait long for the announced EP from Rob Markman. Via Empire Distribution, Markman’s ‘Write to Dream’ EP will be available for streaming on July 28th.

    Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Wait” below and then pre-order your copy of ‘Write A Dream’ today on Apple Music.

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    Brasstracks Cover Lil Uzi Vert And It’s Better Than You Imagined

    Now this is not something you hear everyday but man do I wish I did. If you don’t already know Lil Uzi Vert’s – ‘XO TOUR Llif3’ then you’re missing out but no worries you can now hear his and this amazing cover by Brasstracks. Giving it their signature sound and spin, Brasstracks turns this song into a high energy, groovy, and even jazzy new tune. This is the track I would want playing as I walked down the streets of New Orleans with a hurricane in hand and beignets in the other. If you need a little energy this morning, well here is your tune.

    Take a minute and get your air trumpets ready, you’ll need them for this one.

    Catch them on their tour > www.brasstracks.co

    Follow Brasstracks: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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    KRANE’s Cashmere Cat Remix Is A Must Hear

    KRANE oh KRANE can you do any wrong? We’re starting to think no. But what has us really excited today is his Cashmere Cat Remix. Giving us all the energy we expect he uses large synths, a bouncy bassline, and smooth percussion which does, in fact, get our ‘bodies movin’. Here are a few words from the man himself on the track:

    “Cashmere Cat’s been an inspiration to me from the beginning of my producing days. With this one, I sat down, didn’t overthink it and just had fun. And it’s something I’m proud of that nods to the original but feels very me. Hope you enjoy it :)”

    What are you waiting for? Press play and enjoy!

    Follow KRANE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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    Don’t Sleep On Darci’s New Single ‘Seeing Colors’

    Darci has been taking over the scene one song at a time from their first song, ‘Come Around‘, which received over 1 million plays in only a matter of months to their new single ‘Seeing Colors’ out via R&R Digital and Lotus Vision. What attracts the listener to Darci is their smooth and cohesive sound and the mysteriousness of the project as a whole. With over 5 million plays across multiple platforms with no traditional label support, Darci can’t lose.

    Their latest jam ‘Seeing Colors’ shows us a different side of Darci that sinks more into electronic sounds with house driven piano chords and drum & bass productions. However, the same Hip-Hop/R&B sounds are still present as Darci lays silky vocals getting us into our feels once again.

    Check out the tune below and beware you will be singing it in your head all day. Enjoy!

    Follow Darci: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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    DJ Mustard Remixes Childish Gambino, Lil Uzi Vert, & Khalid In New EP

    While DJ Mustard is known for his incredible producing abilities, many may not be to familiar with his actual DJing roots. Today, he gives fans a refresher course with the release of a new 3-pack EP, properly-titled, ‘Don’t Box Me In’.

    ‘Don’t Box Me In’ showcases his EDM passion as he creatively remixes a trio of current hit singles, including, Lil Uzi’s “XO Tour Llif3,” Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” and Khalid’s “Location.” We first got a glimpse of Mustard’s EDM infatuation with his 2016 single, “A Whole Lot” featuring Travis $cott, and now he swims even further out into the deep end of EDM with the latest remixes.

    Is EDM ready for a DJ Mustard invasion? Listen to the new EP below and you be the judge.

    Mustard has picked up a residency in Vegas inside Marquee that will run until the end of August.

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    Eric David Shows Off Tech Side With ‘Whip It’ EP

    THNK TNK Records head Eric David’s continues to build himself an impressive catalog with his latest offering. Fans of David’s brilliant remix of Citiez’ ‘Night Sky’ will love his new power-packed, three song triumph Whip It. David’s newest release showcases the depth and breadth of his production skills. The EP kicks off with the ambient yet uplifting vibe of ‘Sexy Love’, then moves into subtle yet hard-hitting bass and synth sounds on ‘Whip It’, an irresistible party starter. From there, Whip It comes to a somber close with the ‘Natural Queen’, an impressive blend of captivating percussion, atmospheric stabs, and pitched down vocal samples.

    Follow Eric David: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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    Billboard-Charting Producer Glenn Morrison Releases ‘Hypnotism’

    Glenn Morrison’s latest single ‘Hypnotism’ is already winning support from the likes of Dixon, Sasha, and DJ Mag with it’s brash and soul-drenched sound. Using a carefully balanced selection of melodies, Morrison immerses the listener in a simple but elegant musical collage. Drawing bits of inspiration from psychedelic and goa, he puts his versatility as a producer on full display. The b-side only enhances an already memorable cut, as Italian composer Dusty Kid offers his own re-imagining of ‘Hypnotism’, replacing the harmonious vibes with a more frantic sound. The single is already generating buzz for Morrison’s Dark Waters album, due out in in the fall of 2017.

    Follow Glenn Morrison: SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

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