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    CADE Continues Hot Streak With ‘I Know You Know’

    Still riding the wave of his certified Gold remix of Maggie Lindemann’s “Pretty Girl” with Cheat Codes, CADE is ready to make a triumphant return with his latest single “I Know You Know”. A perfectly constructed, dance floor-ready blend of electronic, pop, and hip-hop, CADE’s newest sureshot takes his sound to another level by featuring some choice bars from 300 Entertainment rapper TK Kravitz. After opening for artists like Juicy J, Ke$ha, and Mike Posner while earning 250 million streams and reaching #8 on Spotify’s global charts, “Pretty Girl” is sure to push CADE into a new stratosphere of success.

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    Bay Area’s Priscilla G Delivers Good Vibes & Bars On New Video, “Palm Trees”

    Female recording artist Priscilla G has been a best kept secret in the Bay Area for several years now. Piling up a large fanbase with her slick rhymes, slew of local hits in her catalog, and consistency. Priscilla G gears up for a larger scale awareness with her new video off her upcoming highly-anticipated EP, ‘Nostalgia’, titled “Palm Trees”.

    In the Jae Synth film, Priscilla takes a break from the Bay and heads to Venice Beach for a day of positive vibes. Along with a fellow bae and a jar of that finest Cali greens, life is a day at the beach for the accomplished female spitter, literally.

    Priscilla G on shooting “Palm Trees”:

    “For this video especially I wanted the vibes and visual to feel good to my fans and catch the waves, literally. The setting had to be about beaches and ‘trees’ because that’s what Cali is known for!”

    ‘Nostalgia’ coming late-2017.

    Watch the new video below.

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    [Interview] Moh Flow Talks Working With Pusha T, His Musical Influences, And More

    Moh Flow has become a known name over here at Tune Collective after we heard his electric single ‘Golden Boy’, we just couldn’t get enough. This time we’re lucky enough to steal a little bit of his time for an interview, which talks about his time working with the likes of Pusha T, his musical influences, his family, and more.
    Check out the whole interview below, oh and I highly suggest listening to his latest ‘Purple Flowers’ track below as you read.
    First off tell us a little bit about yourself.
    • Born in Syria, raised in Saudi Arabia, and based in Dubai, I am a singer and rapper. I am an avid ’90s R&B listener. My biggest inspirations are melodic and carefully crafted pieces of music that are very true to self. I am supported by my elder brother and producer/engineer Ayham (aka AY), I started rapping in 2005 and within eight years had released my first three mixtapes — Nothing Personal, Peace Love & Music, and Born Ready — in addition to work with the group Run Junction in Saudi Arabia. After the more widely distributed This Is Yo(u), issued in 2016, I was matched with Pusha T for an installment of “I’m with the Banned,” a series of tracks featuring collaborations between artists from the U.S. and rising artists from territories impacted by travel restrictions. The result, “Options,” was released in 2017. A wide range of singles followed including Purple Flowers, a collaboration record with Kende.
    Now that we know you a little bit, tell us about how working with your brother has influenced you over time and how your family has played a role in where you are today.
    • Collaborating with my brother is process that has been developed over many years of building trust, and a life long bond between each other as a base of our relationship. Everything else is simply the back and forth of 2 different people creating together. We compose and write together on a lot of the records I put out. Over time my family kept me grounded and made that I remained true to myself and my beginnings. They have also been a vital support throughout my various moves that required their blessing and moral presence.
    How did you get into Hip-Hop specifically, and did any other genres influence you growing up?
    • Growing up I was influenced by rock, house, and pop music throughout my journey of discovering what music had to offer on the other side of the world. I experienced phases where I would dive deep into a certain genre or sub genre and without being conscious of it take a lot of techniques and songwriting tips. I ended up landing on hiphop as a result of all the influences around me in high school. I was surrounded by impeccable writers and developing artists. After graduation AY and I reinvented my sound and developed a more relatable premise to who I really am. I kept it Hiphop when it wasn’t cool where I was from, and now it finally is the wave and we are creating the movement seamlessly because the content represents what the people went through on this side.
    What does your writing process look like when creating a song? Is there anything you go to to help get the creative juices flowing?
    • I go to my favorite artist for inspiration and in 2014 I started collecting vinyl’s and buying vintage used unknown Records that showcased the drastic difference from the songwriting perspective compared to what I’m trying to do. Going to these pieces of music gave me A wider range of skill set to apply to my approach every single time. The way I write records is not consistent and is different with every record. I feed off of the music and I’m not the type of artist that’s scripts an entire record without a musical piece as the foundation. I usually take my time and craft line by line to avoid a waste bar or a filler line. occasionally I would pen most of the record And make slight changes as we get closer to finalizing the production side of the record. I produce as I write to make place and arrange my thoughts properly without the restriction of a set sequence of transitions. I like total privacy during my writing and recording process.
    How was getting to work with artists such as Pusha T for the “Im with the Banned” series and what are your hopes for this series?
    • What I personally took away from this collaboration strengthened my belief in my craft. Being in a room with award-winning song-writers and producers as well as an A-list artist like Pusha T Assured me that given the right resources and doing enough work can get me to where I aspire to be as an artist. I am blessed to have gotten in the studio with Pusha T and by doing that sending a message to my fellow Arab artists that success in music is attainable and not as far-fetched as we think. My hopes would be that campaigns like this shed light on the phenomenal art that is being developed in this part of the world. It’s a wake up call for A&R’s everywhere that producers, song-writers and artists are cultivating a newly founded culture that will be responsible for worldwide and internationally acclaimed art.

    Lastly, where do you ideally see yourself in 10 years, and if you were to win the lottery today what would be the first thing you’d buy?
    • I have variations of where I would like to see myself in 10 years. I could best explain it by stressing the importance of consistency and efficiency. Wherever I may end up I will be striving for greatness. My Ideal situation would be to harness and improve my songwriting to potentially write a record that lasts longer than all the music that comes and goes these days.
    • If I win the lottery today I would buy my Mom and Dad some real estate in several countries and set up a fund for them that lasts as long as they need and a decade longer. Whatever is left off will go to AY and I to help us discover our true passion and what truly makes us happy in this lifetime. Oh, and I would build a Mosque.
    A man dedicated to his passion, his family, and his message…what more could you want? Thanks Moh Flow for the time and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.
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    Hoobs Takes Us On An Adventure With “Numerology”

    A new name to us but not one to be overlooked is the exciting LA-native producer Hoobs. After seeing success with his debut EP which was featured on London superstars Pink Panda’s radio show “Pandamonium”, has hit the scene hard in the past month with 3 releases – 2 originals and a remix of Sia’s ‘Chandelier‘.

    But what we are here to talk about today is his most recent third release,”Numerology”, which comes as an original that combines native Turkish instruments with a groovy trap flow. What I love most about this track is that it takes you on a journey through synths and sounds that remain minimal throughout the whole track, so that every sound gets to play its part and never gets over powered. And then a little over half way through he changes it up just slightly for a sweet little surprise.

    Check out Hoob’s ‘Numerology’ below and enjoy!

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    Bobby Drops Two Singles In Wake Of First Album Release

    iKon’s Bobby has kicked off the release of his debut album ‘Love and Fall’ by releasing two all-new M/V’s. The first one entitled, ‘I Love You’ and the second single, ‘Runaway.’  Bobby’s album has been highly anticipated since he burst onto the scene in 2014 and took the win in Korea’s ‘ Show Me The Money 3.’  Not only does the album showcase his rap skills and writing talents, but also contains features from labelmates, Mino, Dk, and newcomer Katie Kim. ‘Love and Fall’ has already taken first place in the Itunes album charts in 22 countries showing that this star has a promising career ahead of him. Check the video out below and be sure to download ‘Love and Fall’ on Itunes right now!




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    Moglebaum Is Back With Infectious Single ‘Echo Of Time’

    You may be asking…where is a 5 piece band that blends soulful vocals, violin, saxophone, analogue synthesizers, and organic electronic beats to create futuristic pop-music, and who also got inspiration for their name from Pokémon? Well, I am here to tell you that Moglebaum is that band you have been looking for.

    It all began when the German 23-year-old student of music, and producer of Moglebaum, Simon Ebener-Holscher (solo aka “Moglii”), started writing compositions mixed with acoustic instruments, which lead to the gathering of other musicians. Moglebaum is found to be driving, melancholic, and surprising, as they make most of their samples themselves whether it be recording coffee machines, shopping bags or dare I say it cactuses. With such unique style their last release of “Raindrops” received over 1 million streams, and charted at #1 in Spotify’s Global Viral Charts.

    After ‘Raindrops’ the group went on a hiatus, while Moglii found himself a handful of releases with our lovely friends at Majestic Casual. But Today I am here to let you know the wait is over, and Moglebaum just released their latest single ‘Echo Of Time’, which stands true to the sounds we have come to love from them. With the excellent production of Moglii to the dreamy vocals, saxophone and infectious drums, Moglebaum will show you why they deserve a spot on your playlist.


    Check out ‘Echo Of Time’ Below and Enjoy!

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    Nathaniel Knows & SweetLick Give ‘Bodak Yellow’ A Facelift

    If you’re looking for some energy this Thursday, well I think I may just have a remedy for you. The chart topping single, “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, has been an infectious single gaining millions of plays across multiple platforms, with no signs of stopping. However, the original is not the reason we’re here. Today we’re here to talk about the stellar remix by none other than Nathaniel Knows, who is known for his hard trap sound, and the mysterious project SweetLick.

    This Nathaniel Knows & SweetLick remix of “Bodak Yellow” is a G-House treat that
    brings the song to a whole new level. The remix flaunts bouncing bass lines, with fresh trap percussion that perfectly compliments Cardi B, as she guides us through the song. This track officially puts SweetLick on our radar and has us wondering what other treats he might have in store.

    Check out the ‘Bodak Yellow’ remix below and enjoy!

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    Stream Ang P & Nino Bless New Track, “Victory”

    Northwest MC and Ang P connects with Bronx, NY lyricist Nino Bless for the brand new banger, “Victory” The Page Turner produced cut is featured on Ang P’s brand new album,’Vibes and Dream,’ which was released July 28th.

    The track starts out with a rapid-fire acapella from Ang P that runs right into the drop of a Page Turner
    beat that comes in kicking down the door. For the rest of the track Ang P and Nino Bless take turns spitting head turning bars while letting the listener know where they stand in this rap shit.

    Ang P’s newest release, Vibes and Dreams, is the official follow-up to his 2016 LP, L.I.F.E., which featured the singles, “My Profile”, “Sadderday” and “Deflategate”.

    Stream “Victory” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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    Mike Tyson Confirms Biopic On The Way Starring Jamie Foxx

    The biggest Sports Biopic appears to be on the way as iconic former Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has confirmed development of his life story is underway and will star singer/actor Jamie Foxx as the lead.

    An in the works Biopic was originally announced back in January. The film will tell the story of arguable one of the biggest and well-known athletes of all-time. Mike Tyson reign as the King of Boxing in the 80s. Accumulating millions and was labeled the most dangerous fighter on the planet. While inside the ring a god, outside the ring, Mike Tyson faced legal issues and bad business that eventually left him in prison and bankrupt.

    The film is slated to be directed by the iconic Martin Scorsese (The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street) and will begin production 2018.

    Jamie Foxx has labeled his involvement in the film a dream role for him to play the controversial fighter. The Oscar-winning actor is currently hosting Fox’s new game show, “Shazam” and executive producing a new series starring comedic actor Jay Pharaoh titled, “White Famous”.

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    Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti Are Working On A Joint Mixtape

    With his Luv is Rage 2 charting phenomenal numbers right now and already working on his next installment in his hit mixtape series vs. The World”. It also appears that Lil Uzi Vert has plans to release a joint mixtape with 2017 breakout star Playboi Carti.

    News broke of a possible joint mixtape in the works through Carti’s snapchat, revealing a punk rock photo of Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian of the ’70s punk outfit The Damned that imitated both Uzi and Carti’s upbringing. The caption wrote, ““Carti Uzi Tape * Uzi Carti Tape * 16.29.”” A refrence to 1600 block in Philadelphia, where Uzi was raised, and the 2900 block in Atlanta.

    The image and caption from Carti presumes that the joint tape will involve a punk rock vibe, a sound that Uzi has been fascinated with and incorporated into his massive hit-single, “XO Tour Life”.

    Uzi has already collaborated on a joint mixtape early 2017 with ATL’s Gucci Mane titled, “1017 vs. The World”. Both Uzi and Carti was also featured on the new ASAP Mob hit single, “Raf”.

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    Watch Ang P’s New Video “Dreams 2”

    Northwest rapper Ang P is coming off the release of his brand new album, Vibes and Dreams, which was released July 28th, 2017. Since then he had been promoting the project vigorously and has now dropped a new video for his track, “Dreams 2” which doubles as an entry in Dizzy Wright and Still Movin’s, #GoldenAge rap contest.

    Ang P is currently in the studio recording new material and will be dropping the official video the, “Sheesh (Remix)” off of his most current work.

    Watch the video for, “Dreams 2” by Ang P below via YouTube:

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