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Tune Collective is a multimedia platform pushing the latest in music, news, events, and entertainment. We aim to share the music and culture that drives our generation. We are the premier, emerging lifestyle brand.

In addition, Tune Collective acts as a progressive record label and tastemaker. We license music for brilliant artists and put their sound in the ears of the people that matter. With guest mixes from some of the biggest names in the industry to releases that shape future trends, we define music and culture.

Our current mailing list boasts 120,000+ subscribers with additional viral traffic from our platforms on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. Many of our Facebook videos reach 25,000,000+ people grossing 30,000,000 views respectively. Our YouTube network spans several partner channels that reach 1,500,000+ subscribers with millions of views daily.

Tune Collective - CRNKN

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